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Monday, August 16, 2010

From field to table

Coming back from a camping trip this weekend, we stopped at a few of those roadside stands - you know, where you see "Fresh Sweet Corn, 1km" "Wild Blueberries and Hot House Tomatoes, next right" when you're barreling down the highway. A screech of brakes and a quick maneuver to the graveled shoulder, a fistful of coins later and you're sampling all sorts of great local goodies. A quick inventory of what I picked up: fresh free-range eggs, organic wild blueberries, Hungarian plums and hot peppers, sour cherry jam, applesauce and freshly baked rye bread. I couldn't wait to get home to dig in! Somehow food from side of the road stands, or little quaint outposts just tastes better.

It almost makes me want to live out there in the country - in my idyllic little scene, I live on a big plot of land, and go to local markets for the foods I can't grow in my own garden. The pace of life is just slower, and at night you can see a million stars. I could dig up those comfy plaid shirts somewhere in the back of my closet, and laugh with my pals at the local Tim Hortons at all the 'city people' that roll into town during the summer. Then I remember how much of a city girl I am, if I lived out there I would be so far away from city nightlife, where would I wear all my dresses, and, oh, yeah, what would I do for work? Not to mention my terrifying fear of all things creepy-crawly. So the logistics are a little dicey, as you can see. For now I guess I will just enjoy my roadside finds in my bug-free concrete box and be content to be one of the thousands of 'city people' that infiltrate cottage country during the summer months.

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