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Friday, August 6, 2010

I don't live in the virtual world, not all the time...

Last night I went to the Rihanna/Ke$ha concert at the Molson Ampitheatre. It was pretty good, consider it didn't rain and we were slumming it on the lawns. I like Ke$ha's songs (I know this comment will probably come back to haunt me in the future) but I think I like it better on her album then live. I don't know - their didn't seem to be a lot of electricity in the air when she played, not like Rihanna, and certainly not like Mary J. when I saw her a couple weeks ago at Lilith (Oh, Mary J - you were FAN-TAS-TIC!) Anyway, a few beers definitely made her set better.

Rihanna put on a pretty good show I must say. Lots of crazy images on the screens - fire and brimstone and such, and her shock of red hair made a nice contrast when she rode that pink tank (yes, an army tank). The outfits were more Lady Gaga-esq though; I particularly wondered about the one that was white cutouts that only covered one leg and one arm, and in the mid-section acted as a type of bodysuit. I know I'm not describing it too well, but it was confusing to look at.

During Disturbia, I was disturbed - looking at these creepy shadowy creatures that had giant arms and legs - it looked like a evil tall animal that walked on all fours. If you've seen the movie Return to OZ (and if you haven't go to the video store or Netflixs now, now, now!) then you remember the Wheelers - those crazy wheeling maniacs that scared all of us as children. Think of them in all black with glowing eyes. Now that's Disturbia!

And, last but not least, came Umbrella, in which I took out my umbrella (not planned ahead, mind you, I thought it might rain so I brought it along) and danced around. One of my friends captured this moment for posterity:

Yes, it's super-blurry, but that's 'cuz I'm DANCING, people. Too much fun :)

The only thing that was missing was Pon de Replay - so I'm linking to it here, since we missed it. Boo. Rihanna - come back and sing it!

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