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Monday, August 2, 2010

It only comes but once a day...

Recently, I've been introduced to those 'daily deal' sites - the ones you always see on the right-hand side when you log into Facebook ("One ridiculously huge coupon emailed to you daily" - or something like that). I always thought that these things were a big-time scam, but then one of my friends sent me a link and suggested we do an hour-long boat tour around the Toronto harbour - and it was only $8. I thought for eight bucks, why not? So my hot little hands typed in my email and personal deets and there it was a couple minutes later, a ticket for the boat tour. I logged out and thought, "well, that was pretty cool." And then it promptly left my mind.

Until the next day.

See, these sites are stealthy. Once you sign up for one of their coupons, you're on their daily email list, and you keep getting the 'deal of the day' sent to you. This is where all resistance and willpower can leave your clutches, and you're on the slippery slope, flailing around with your credit card number at the ready. Shortly after my harbour tour initiation, I received a daily deal email for a haircut and style. "Well", thought I, "My hair is certainly getting a bit shaggy 'round the ends, and those two-toned roots are starting to sprout like a tree. I'll just get this coupon; I need a cut (and colour anyway)". So I logged in and in two winks, I was the proud owner of a deeply discounted visit to the salon.

And then those emails kept coming...

One for beauty products, which I promptly bought up in a flash. (I'm a beauty shop junkie - I NEED body cream scented like honey and pumpkin; it's for autumn, damn it! My favorite season of the year! How am I supposed to get through the fall without pumpkin-spiced body cream?)

Another for yoga (do you know how much yoga studios charge!?!? I love going, but even their discounted rate for students is a bit pricey at times). This coupon offered you five visits for $40. 5 for $40!! That's way cheaper than the student rate, and it will help keep my school-related stress under control.

Then there was the make-your-own-wine. One thing that sucks about living in Ontario is the bloody taxes charged on liquor. I remember on a trip to California, I waltzed into Trader Joe's and waltzed back out with a bottle of rose for $2.95. And then I waltzed in the hotel room with it. Literally. So, I will jump at the chance to get cheap booze - and here was a coupon thrown into my lap where I could get 30 bottles for under $3 each. That's crazy insane. I'd have to be insane NOT to get it.

Oh, and the dance classes. Now, I've always loved dance - ever since I was a kid I took ballet and jazz, and I like to practice now what I call my 'freestyle' dancing- at clubs, at home, on the street, no, scratch the last one. But, you see, I do love a good dance. So imagine my delight when a old-school dance company (think nineteen-20's style) had a deal - 6 classes for $15. Are you serious? It's like dancing for free, peeps! So I got a couple of my friends to sign up for this one, as well.

Now I'm a full blown addict. I'm itching for the next day, where I can run to my computer, log into my account, and look at all the deals offered to me. It's like Christmas everyday! But I've got to pace myself. Remember my student wages, and all that. Still, I can look though. Right?

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