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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Living in those concrete boxes

For the most part, I love this city. The sights (skyscrapers, Queen St. W kitch, the hog dog guys on every corner), sounds (the hundreds of languages humming around every block) the smells (wafting from Greek eateries on the Danforth, Cinnabons at Sheppard station - but NOT the lake, obviously). You get the idea.

Condo living is not that bad either; it's convenient, close to transit and usually a Starbucks or two. But something these concrete boxes cannot completely block out is the noise. Now, I'm one of those sensitive people; if I'm doing work (and even if I'm not) I like things to be quiet, or mid-range noise level. But if you're 'lucky' enough to have a neighbour that plays Russian techno music that vibrates through the walls and floor, well then, now you have your own dance party going on in your unit and you should thank your lucky stars that the freestyle gods have looked down upon you.

But seriously, techno all the time? I listen to Z103, but even they mix it up a bit. And, it can get a bit awkward, say, when people are on the phone or even at particularly tense scene in Law and Order ("You are under arrest... and you have the right to PAR-TAY!")

So, think of the volume button like a fence (because the concrete ain't working at this point). Good fences create good neighbours, so just turn down the beats a bit. Pretty please. The freestyle gods will thank you.

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