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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Omigod you guys!!!

Last night, I went to go see Legally Blonde with 3 of my girlfriends (I felt sorry for the poor men that were dragged there). And man, it was so awesome! I actually didn't expect to like it as much as I did - it seemed a little silly in the beginning, and fluffy. But somehow, scene after scene the silliness seemed to dissipate and the storyline, songs and choreography got stronger. Although it was still fluffy. But a pink, sparkly, gorgeous fluffy - one where you wish you had your own greek chorus to pop out whenever amazing stuff happens to sing and dance and say, "Omigod you guys!"

I bought the soundtrack. I had to, considering this would be the only way I could have that greek chorus.

This just confirms my believe that music has a deep affect on us, emotionally, spiritually...whatever, you get it. Like hearing a favorite song from high school literally can transport you back to high school, wherever you happen to be at that particular moment. Like, whenever I hear that classic Montell Jordan track - "This is how we do it" - I'm right back at school, in uniform, walking down the halls and singing along.

"It's Friday night and I feel alright".

Also (and this one's a little embarrassing) when I was in London, that damn theme tune to Austin Powers (in the opening credits) kept playing in my head as I was walking down the street. I think I actually skipped a bit to it. I must have looked like a looney bin. But I loved that movie ever since I saw it in high school and had this obsession with going to England, and then when I got there, something clicked in my head and out popped that theme tune.

"The party's here on the West side".

And I can't forget about Fame. How cool would it be to start dancing in tandem on the streets of New York City? In legwarmers! Any excuse to wear legwarmers, really.

"I'm going to live forever. I'm going to learn how to fly - high!"

So, maybe that's why I've been going to all these musicals (We will Rock You, Rock of Ages, Jersey Boys, etc). Music connects to me more than just speaking the words ever could.

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