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Monday, August 9, 2010

Organize your place and disorganize your life

Here's a confession - I hate to organize. I generally like stuff the way it is, where I last left it. That's why piles of magazines on the floor don't really bother me, or sticky notes on my desk, or clothes hanging on the hamper (not yet dirty, not totally clean so can't go back in the drawer). Now, being messy is totally different from being dirty (I cannot stand a dirty place; I hate unwashed dishes in the sink, and an unclean bathroom makes me gag). So cleaning yes, but organization, not so much. What's wrong with leaving stuff where you last put it? I know where everything is, so it makes perfect sense that I leave my CD's on top of my computer, instead of by the player, and have my sunglasses on the bookshelf, instead of in my purse or by the door, my bills on my desk, instead of my file folder marked "bills", and my notes from my writing course in the shoe closet, rather than on my bookshelf.

Well, apparently, this line of reasoning only works when one lives alone, and can 'organize' as one sees fit. When I lived at home, my mother would always tell me to go clean up my stuff from around the house, and when I didn't, all my papers, magazines, keychains and lipglosses would magically get cleaned up for me (and then I would get pissed because I wouldn't know where anything was!) And now, living with my bf, (in a Toronto-sized condo, mind you) my 'stuff' has taken over the place. So, since I have most of August off from going to school, one of my tasks is ORGANIZATION - files, folders, and dreaded paper products. This is tedious, thankless work - and I thought things looked better before I organized! There is literally nowhere to put stuff anymore, for some reason there still isn't room after I throw stuff out!

I wish there was the magic organization fairy that would come over and poof! All done! I wonder where my mother found hers ;)

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