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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Be Careful What you Wish for...

Well, I've slogged through Alexandra Potter's - Be Careful What you Wish for, and here's what I have to say - it ain't good. I was thoroughly surprised what I sat down to read it; after all, she wrote one of my favorite chick-lit books - Who's that Girl?, and I tried to like this one, honest I did, but this book just had too many downfalls to its name.

First, I should have known something was up judging by my adversity to read the book once I started it. I literally finished it because I knew I would be blogging about it, and it's tough to blog about a half-read novel. There it sat, accusing me day after day of not opening its covers, as I blithely walked by and found other things to do ("Oh, the drain is clogged? Great, I'll fix it!" Well, maybe not that, but you get what I mean). Until finally I just forced myself to read it, which is not the feeling you want when approaching a novel for pleasure reading.

Second, the characters sucked. I could not 'identify' with the main character, Heather - she had a lot of weird quirks and always mentioning that she had 'heavy thighs' made me want to slap her. Another thing that bugged me are all the characters' names; I feel like they all had the wrong names throughout. Jess (Heather's best friend) should have been the main character's name and Heather the best friend's name. Lionel (her dad) should have switched names with her brother, Ed. And the guy she ends up with, Gabe - I know he's a Californian and all, but holy stereotyping! (I'm Gabe, the tanned beach dude. Nice to meet you.)

Finally, the storyline is where it all goes wrong. Heather seems a bit spoiled - she's always wishing for things (like finding an empty seat on the tube, losing five pounds, etc) but it never comes true. Then she gets some 'lucky heather' (pardon the pun) and now all her wishes come true. But it usually ends up with negative consequences (she wishes for no traffic on the roads and ends up getting a speeding ticket). This frivolity continues until her father has a heart attack and she realizes all that wishing was stupid - it's her family and friends she cares about. A nice redeeming feature, but overall it's too late and in the meantime the reader has to put up with a lot of everyday nonsense.

This book was published in 2006, and I believe Potter has grown as an author since then, but give this book a miss in the meantime.

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