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Friday, June 10, 2011

Books...best places to buy?

I'm still slogging through my novel for the week - Be Careful What you Wish for by Alexandra Potter, so I thought in the meantime I'd post on the purchasing process. How do you tend to buy your books - wandering through bookstores and seeing what captures your eye? Making a beeline for a specific title and running for the exit afterwards? Searching online at Amazon or another bookstore site and letting the deliveryman come to you? Or do you tend to borrow books from friends, search thrift stores or check out your local library?

I basically fall under all of these categories; first of all, I LOVE to wander through bookstores (it's kind of like therapy for me) browse through the stacks and see what pops up. Lately, I've been doing this in used bookstores just because there always seems to be a gem or two waiting for me and the prices are much more wallet-friendly. My favorite used bookstore is BMV (Annex location) - they have a great chick-lit section, and it's right across from my favorite sushi place to boot!

Then sometimes, I just don't want to be bothered, don't want to have to deal with people or crowds and just get in, get out. Let me find the book in peace and then leave me alone! This usually happens when something else in my life has gone down the toilet - my research isn't going well, a fight with my fiancé, etc. My actions in the store directly correlates to how I'm feeling at the moment.

I personally love Amazon. Their wishlist function is a godsend - every time a book title catches my eye, I put it on my wishlist for future reference. And then at a later date when I want to treat myself, I just scroll through the list and add items to the cart. Simple and painless. And a present arrives in the mail a short time later! I just love presents through the post!

A few of my friends and I like to discuss and share books; when one finishes, another gets to borrow it. This is a great way to save money and create a mini-bookclub/discussion group all at the same time. For awhile I also used to go to the library, but the downside is I can't get to keep the book if I loved it and the most popular titles always have a HUGE waitlist (right now I'm on the waitlist for Summer and the City, and it's probably going to take months).

So there you have it. Books in all their manifestations. Well, except for e-books. That will require a whole other post just to talk about their pros and cons. I'll get to that another time - now it's back to the book.

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