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Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm back!!!

Ok, so I basically took, 8, or 9 was it? months off from blogging. Not that I've had a lack of things to write about, oh no, the problem for me was that there was TOO much stuff going on, mainly with school (tutoring, TA-ing, coursework, writing my dissertation proposal, that kind of general nonsense ; ) Oh, the daily grind, how it interferes with REAL life :P Also, I've noticed that no followers (that I know of) = no impetus to write. (It's not like anyone was missing anything, right? Was anyone missing it?)

Well, now I've got a purpose to bring the blog back (at least for the summer). I'm doing a chick-lit challenge, as it were; basically, read a ton of chick-lit books and blog about them. Super-fun you say? Well, thank you. Although it's not my idea - check out this link - the Booklover's blog issued the challenge and I accepted. All my books have been doing is gathering dust on my shelves, and I have so much chick lit to catch up on!

My daunting list will be up there and I will be talking about my progress here and on that blog as well. So follow along if you're out there, and join in with your own novels if you want a reading challenge this summer!

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