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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kate's Wedding

Well, back to chick-lit. I finished Kate's Wedding yesterday; it was my first book by Chrissie Manby, and I'll tell ya, I could definitely read more from her. Witty, with that classic British humour that gets you laughing out loud when you least expect it - this book was a joy to read. I couldn't put it down and finish it fast enough. Our protagonist, Kate, has just gotten engaged and has it in her mind to have a simple wedding; but with the diagnosis of her mother having cancer, planning a big affair is just what the family needs to take their minds off of their troubles. Problem is, Kate's feeling less and less like she has any say in what is going on, not to mention the second thoughts she's having about the groom.

Contrast this to Diana. A genuine spoiled brat, used to getting her own way, she is also getting married the same day as Kate and will ensure that she gets the wedding she had always dreamed of as a child. At any cost.

Melanie is the owner of the bridal store; and as these brides come and go and prepare for their big day, she can't help but think of her own husband, though she's been widowed for thirteen years. Can she find what she is looking for, after all of this time?

Though Kate and Diana are 10 years apart and do not know each other, they each plan their wedding against the backdrop of the royal wedding (Will and Kate) which is the day before their own.

I found this book immensely entertaining, light and fun, though a bit heavy-handed with the Royal wedding references (especially Princess Diana's). However, as it was essential to the main theme of the book to include this, it did provide a good background and at times interesting comic relief. Apparently, Chrissie Manby has fifteen other books out, so I will look out for her the next time I am wandering through the bookstore shelves.

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