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Sunday, August 7, 2011

A good week, book-wise...

Well, three books this week. I've been a busy little bee. Ok, so only one of them falls under chick-lit technically, but I will explain why I chose the other two as well.

While I was at the library (apparently, my new favorite spot, especially since this is a very lean summer for me, money-wise) my eye fell on The Stepford Wives. First, it was in the general fiction section; second, I didn't know the movie was based on a book and third, I never saw the movie, but thought it was girly, you know, and fun. I didn't know it was a thriller or that it contained robot-women. However, it still was a great read, and fast, I read it all in one go.

Second was The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. I also saw this at the library, and snapped it up, because when I was browsing a chick-lit website a few months back, they had a giveaway for this book. But it turns out it is definitely more fiction than chick-lit, and a bit existential and all that (reminded me of James Joyce with all the no quotation marks when characters speak). This follows the main character, Rose, from when she was a little girl until she is in her twenties. Rose has this uncanny ability to taste emotion in what she eats, so when her mom makes her lemon cake, she tastes sadness, and that's where the story unfolds. It was a really unique read, as the characters seemed real, but there were extraordinary things going on. If you think the food thing is neat, wait until you see what her brother can do.

And last was something I pulled on a whim from the library shelf: Got You Back, by Jane Fallon. This is the "true" chick-lit for the week, and it was something that many chick lit books touch on, but don't pick apart - infidelity. James is married to Stephanie, who lives in London, but is also dating Katie who lives in a small English town. When Stephanie and Katie find out about each other, they don't get mad (at each other, that is) they get even with James. The twists and turns show that infidelity is always riddled with complications and surprises - about oneself and others. Definitely recommended - on of the best parts is how one of the characters goes a bit off the deep end, a la Fatal Attraction.

So, lots of reading fun I had this week!

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