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Friday, September 2, 2011

Hope in a Jar

Well, the end of August has been quite busy, and now we're into September. Can't believe how fast the summer has flown by! Tallying up all the books I've read for my summer chick-lit challenge (ok so there are a couple in there that aren't chick lit, but I'm going to add them to the total anyway) I'm up to seventeen (this book - Hope in a Jar - included). That's pretty darn good I say! I'm glad I had this challenge to push me to read and read a lot this summer, and now I have some great recommendations for people and new favorite authors.

The last book for this summer challenge - Hope in a Jar, is another Beth Harbison novel, and I have to say, although I didn't like it as much as Thin, Rich, Pretty - it got better as the story progressed. The book centres on Allie and her (ex) best friend Olivia, and vacillates back and forth from junior high/high school to the present day (20 years later). There is a high school reunion planned, and Allie doesn't really want to go, as she is not comfortable in her skin anymore (feels older, gained weight, etc). Olivia certainly doesn't want to go, since she left that high school in the middle of her senior year under heartbreaking conditions. Allie and Olivia haven't spoken since. But, the reunion sets off a chain of events that has Allie and Olivia teaming up and finding out that friendships, even broken ones, can be repaired.

The book starts off slowly, and although the references to 80's pop culture and products are a blast, it can get a bit much at times, as though the author is just trying to add in every reference she can think of. Noah (another central character) was extremely annoying at the beginning, as I couldn't figure him out as a character, and didn't always understand his motives. But, towards the middle of the book, as Olivia and Allie get back in touch and discuss their master plans, I got into the story and wanted to see the outcome. From there on the book finished on a high note, as I wanted the two friends to become close like they once were.

So all in all, not bad. But now I do want to read Harbison's other two books - the Shoeaholic series, as I find myself to be in a similar shoe situation, and feel like this might be therapeutic. Right?

Even though September has begun, another school year is upon me, and I need to devote much more time to my dissertation proposal writing, teaching and tutoring, I hope to continue to blog about books I'm reading in my spare time, and anything else that comes up in this City Girl's life.