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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chick-lit books update

As you may know from a couple of posts ago, I am participating in this month's Readers Retreat at Coffee Time Romance. The book for this month is Build a Man by Talli Rolland. I am several chapters in, and so far, this is a really good read - chick lit at its best.

Serenity Holland is a great protagonist - an American who moved to London with aspirations of making it big in the tabloid world. Her current job as a secretary to a plastic surgeon (who also just happens to be her boyfriend) has given her the perfect in for her dream job - to follow a new patient on the journey of transforming himself entirely. But she finds herself being drawn to Jeremy just as he is, so now she's experiencing a bit of a conflict; does she go with her reporter self and urge him to make himself over into a totally new (albeit plastic person) or does she tell him what she really thinks (which would ruin her new tabloid column)?

What I really like about this book is how it is set in London, but the main character is American (and the author is from Canada, btw!) I luuuurve Brit chick-lit, but many times find it difficult to connect with characters or settings since I only visited once, and am not a seasoned Londoner by any means. But, Serenity has her North American background which influences a large part of the novel, and makes it easier for me to connect.

If you are a chick-lit fan or want to read your first chick-lit book, you can download a copy from Amazon (U.S. or U.K.). U.S. price only $0.99 and U.K. price is .79!

Besides this, I am super looking forward to the latest release by my favorite chick-lit author of all-time Sophie Kinsella. Her newest is coming out on Feb 14 (Valentine's!) and it's called - I've Got Your Number. I love all of her books, the Shopaholic series and the single titles, and can never wait until it comes out in softcover (one of the few authors I buy in hardcover), so I will be scouring the store when this releases. She is one of the leading queens of chick-lit for sure! She actually came to Toronto a few years ago to an Indigo location downtown and I was going to go but when the day came I was getting sick so I stayed home. Good thing actually, a few of my friends went down and there were *thousands* of people, the line for autographs was winding around the block and the wait was hours long. I don't think everyone even got an autograph. But it would have been nice to at least see her in person.

Do you like Sophie Kinsella? If so, what titles have you read?

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