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Monday, February 20, 2012

March Julep Maven sneek peek

So this is a major plus of the Julep Maven nail polish monthly club - you get to 'see' what will be in store for you in next month's box, and if you don't like it you can switch it up, send it to a friend or skip the month. Today, I got a sneek peek of what will be in my March box - 'It Girl'.

Julep Maven March Selection


 I love the colours and now can't wait to get my March box! Especially when each box is $19.99, now I know I will like what will be coming. It's not a surprise, but I'm still anticipating it's arrival. Plus, you have an opportunity to win a 'golden box' - which is a bunch of extra polishes and products - over $170 in value, so there's an element of surprise there if your box is the 'golden box'.

If I didn't like my It Girl selection, I could have chosen from the others:

I liked the American Beauty softer shades and I think that tropical blue Portia in the Boho Glam box is just amazing, but am still happy with my choice. If I really wanted to try any of the other polishes, I could just order it individually from Julep - you get 20% off as a Maven and free shipping as well.

Which box would you choose for March?

If you want to become a Julep Maven member, click here and use discount code COLOR2012 for your intro box that costs just a penny! If that promo code isn't working, use code SHAREONFEB - the intro box will be a dollar (still a great deal!)


  1. I'm signed up for "it girl" too... but I am in love with the American beauty colours. AH, such a dilemma. :( lol

  2. @ Chic and Unique - I know what you mean! I'm sure at some point though I will switch up the month and try something else - American Beauty seems to be the other I really like but you never know!

  3. I switched from Classic with a Twist to Bombshell only because Bombshell was the only one that had nail polish colours I didn't already own!

  4. @Jayne - yeah, I can see myself switching it up in coming months. That's why I love how you can customize your selection each month. I don't know if I'd want every box to do this, as some surprise is great to have but I like to know at least what polishes I'm receiving.


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