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Monday, February 6, 2012

Yay - intro Julep Maven box is here!

I was quite excited when the package I picked up from the post office turned out to be my introductory Julep Maven box. This is the beauty box that is strictly mani-pedi, and based on your beauty profile you receive one of several "types". My "type" is It Girl.

Here is my box when I picked it up.

The box.
And when I opened it up...jackpot!

It came with a Fast Dry Topcoat, and 3 polishes: Megan (Mediterranean Aquamarine shimmer); Hayden (Bold and Bright neon peach creme); Leah (Grass green with a hint of shimmer). Also included was a welcome letter and sample of Julep's everyday spf 30 hand cream.

Check it out.
Another view.
To test the polish, I chose to use Leah (the brightest and boldest, in my opinion) and their fast-dry topcoat as well.

The mani.
The colour went on smoothly and dried evenly. What I loved is that the bold colour was immediately apparent - I hate having to build up colour with coat after coat after coat. Two coats is what I used here and I was quite pleased. The quick-dry top coat was true to its name, it did dry my mani very quickly, in only about 10 minutes or so. I wish the consistency of the top coat was a bit thicker though, as I find it is slightly thin. This would be a great colour in the summertime for toes, but since it's winter and sandals are out, it became my mani instead.

After two days, my mani only chipped a bit.

A few chips.
But I've had worse - manis that have chipped literally hours after application - and sometimes, these were salon manicures! In my experience, bright colours tend to chip for me a bit more easily than neturals or polishes with a lot of shimmer. So, not bad - next time I might try three coats of polish and two of top coat. We will have to see about the other colours and how they fare.

But overall I am very happy with my intro box. I love how you can have a sneek peek at the box before it ships to make sure you like what is being sent to you (and at $19.99/month, this is important), that you can skip the month or send one month's package to a girlfriend and how you get 20% off site-wide as a Maven. I am a nail polish junkie so I will stick with this box for a bit and see how other months fare.

One important thing to point out is the size of the polishes. They are 8 ml each, which is roughly half the size of others (Essie, O.P.I., etc). They retail for $14 each (or $11.20 if you're a Maven and buy outside your monthly box). Others have pointed out, quite rightly, that you don't get as much bang for your buck, considering O.P.I., Essie, and the rest are a few dollars cheaper for more polish. However, I actually don't have a problem with the size, because I never finish a bottle anyway. I use it a few times and that's it, on to the next colour (guess that's why I got the It Girl box - always looking for the next trendy shade!) Probably only 2 or 3 times I've actually finished a whole bottle, and those are my standby favorites. So, I think it's a great way to try a lot of colours without throwing out a half-finished, stale bottle of polish. But, I know not everyone is like this and many people do want larger bottles, so this may be something that Julep can consider introducing.

If you are interested in joining me on my beauty box journey, click here to sign up to be a Maven. Current promo is $0.01 for your first box! Promo code: COLOR2012 (thanks to retailmenot.com for the promo info). *Update* If the first promo code will not work or has expired, they have a new promo to get your intro box for $1 - the code is SHAREONFEB.


  1. Ooh, I love the colours you received! And I agree, bright colours tend to chip on me more than dark/neutrals. It's weird how that happens. :)

  2. Yeah, I'm a big fan of these colours as well! I think they got my profile bang on with the It Girl box, because I love funky polish. But maybe once in awhile I will want to mix it up and try a different box type - we'll see how that goes!

  3. I've been searching around...I've signed up to receive Luxe box(loose button)....Glymm and top box are next....then I'll decide after a few months which one I like the best....such an exciting idea! I lvoe getting things in the mail.

    Is Julep Maven strictly nail polish?

  4. Me too! I love whenever I receive packages - it's like Christmas or my birthday every month! From what I saw about Julep, they are basically 95% nail polish - they have a few lipglosses and a hairspray, but other than that, it's basically all mani/pedi colours and products.

  5. Oooh, love that turquoise one! That green is really unique too!

  6. so cool! i didn't realize that there was a nail polish box that we could get in canada... i don't even bother looking at most of the american boxes since it's such a let-down when they don't ship to me (or it is ridiculous cost to ship)
    and with the coupon code?! no brainer!!

  7. @sherylee - yeah, I loved the colours in this box. Hope the fun continues in my next Maven boxes!

    @Tabitha - I know, it's one of the only boxes I know that ships to Canada, and I think the only one that has free shipping (which is a major plus!)

  8. Wow it went on so smooth! I can't wait to get home, I picked up my box at the post office & it's just waiting for me!! eeek :)


  9. @chic and unique - looking forward to your Julep review!


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