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Monday, March 19, 2012

Cargo haul

Today I recieved my Cargo package from the Shopping Channel. About a week ago I was flipping the channels and saw that they had a whole hour of Cargo cosmetics on, and they had this great deal on a 5 piece kit. $26 plus tax and shipping, plus you get a bonus mini mascara. It comes in two colour selections, either Mediterranean or Safari - I decided on Safari, as it was a warmer palette.

Comes boxed in a clear container

Shows what's included on the back
The pouch (front)
The pouch (back)
 It comes in this super cute cloth pouch that you can definitely use for travel. I love all the little details (the stamps, 'air mail', etc.) They are all sewn on and the "Wish you were here" is embroidered.

The loot
Here's a shot of everything included in the kit; and I'll go through each item.

Blush (without flash)
Blush (with flash)
This blush is 9 grams (full size) and is in the colour "Coral Beach" and it is actually a blusher/bronzer combo. It looks like it will give a natural glow to cheeks and face.

Eye Shadow (without flash)
Eye Shadow (with flash)
The eye shadow duo is 3.5 grams (full size) and is olive on one side and a shimmery gold highlighter on the other. I actually really liked how the model (on the Shopping Channel presentation) looked after she was done up in these colours; otherwise, I might not have picked this combo.

The gloss
This is a mini gloss (3 grams) and is in the shade "Serengeti". What a cool name! I swatched it on my hand and it very sheer, with a hint of colour and glow. I really like it!

Serengeti swatch
Mini mascara and lash activator
The kit also came with a mini (3.5 ml) triple action mascara and a (bonus) mini lash activator mascara (3.5 ml). I haven't tried these because I won't open my mascara until I'm ready to use it, since it dries out quickly. I think it's neat though that we got a bonus in this package.

Finally, the kit also came with a full-size eye pencil (1.14 grams) in Khaki. I swatched it here on my hand next to the gloss.

The liner (swatched)
I thought it would be more green, but it is actually close to black - sort of like a soft black. I think it will go well with the shadow.

Overall, I think this is a great little kit - I love how the colours really do reflect the 'Safari' theme and how it gives a subtle, warming look. The Mediterranean kit was more on the cool side, so if you are a fan of pinks you might like that.

What is your favorite Cargo product? Which kit would you pick?


  1. ohh. how did I miss this... Great find

  2. Usually every time I switch on the Shopping Channel it is expensive clothing or shoes or linens or something. But this time it was this kit and I couldn't believe what you got for the price!


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