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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chick lit update

Recently I was introduced to a new chick-lit series: Sex, Life and Hannah. Here's a blurb about the books:

"The inaugural volume of the Sex, Life, and Hannah book series is a colorful palette of stories about the aftermath of a major break-up. Everything from the pros and cons of rebound sex, to navigating manic mood swings over The Ex, and whether a leather harness and latex can help distract you enough to finally move on. A fun and fictional expose about a pivotal moment in life."

Volume 1: Winter Season introduces us to twenty-something Hannah, and her search for love after a massive breakup with her ex. Volume 2: Spring Season continues the journey and Volume 3: Summer Season will be out shortly.

So far, I am on Volume 1, but what I am liking about this book is how it is quite edgy and current, both in topic and writing style. I also love the design and layout of the series; it looks like a glossy magazine which enhances the storyline of dating, breaking up and finding love in LA. (The print edition of Volume 2 actually looks more like a movie manuscript, which fits the Los Angeles setting to a T).

Volume 1: magazine style

Volume 2: manuscript style
 This is definitely a unique series, and something fans of more edgy, flirty chick lit might want to check out. Print copies retail for $10.95, but there is also a unique deal going on - $8.99 one time cost to become a Sex, Life and Hannah member and you get all the current ebooks and all future ebooks published. These can be read on a computer or mobile.
There is also a really cool contest going on - on the Sex, Life and Hannah facebook page you can submit a photo to be considered for the Volume 3: Summer Season cover. The winner picture has to have the most likes and it will be turned into a silhouette for the cover. Besides being on the cover, there's jewelry, cosmetics, etc. for the winner as well.

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