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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Julep Charlotte and Melissa from March Maven box

Today I tried out Charlotte and Melissa from my March Julep Maven box.

Different angle
I must say, I actually like it a lot more than I thought I would at first. Charlotte is a purple creme, and I don't know, creme polishes tend not to work on me. But this one did. This is two coats but I could have stopped after one, it has great coverage and goes on smoothly. I would have left it as-is, but I wanted to try Melissa over it. (I'm going to put up a bunch of different shots to show how it changes from different angles/lighting conditions).


Melissa is a holographic polish, and looking at it straight on, you get a prismatic effect, but on an angle (like the last two pictures) the full colour underneath comes through with only a hint of the holographic shine. I used one coat on top of Charlotte and the longer I wear it, the more it grows on me. I would definitely want to experiment with this over other polishes. So far so good!

What do you think? Do you have any holographic polishes or other effects? How do you like it?

Want to join me on my beauty box journey? Sign up to be a Julep Maven here. First box is 1 penny; use code COLOR2012 or SHAREONMARCH at checkout. Mavens also get 20% off store purchases.


  1. I dont have any polishes like either of those colours but I love them! Especially Melissa! What do you think of the consistancy of Julep polishes, I am thinking about signing up for their monthly subscription.

    1. Yeah, I wasn't so sure about it in the beginning but Melissa has grown on me! Honestly, I find their polish to go on well (I usually only need two coats to get optimal colour) and I like the brush and how it glides on; the only major sticking point for me is the staying power - I find it usually chips after two days, so I am trying stronger topcoats to see if that will make a difference. I do like that is is 3-free though; harsh chemicals majorly weaken my nails.

      You can always try signing up for the intro box since it's basically free, but you'd have to call to cancel if you didn't like it. I'll keep posting reviews of the different polishes in any case. Thanks for reading!

    2. *Update* It's been 4 days and only very minor chipping with this polish. I used Sally Hansen's Double Duty base and topcoat which is doing a terrific job. However, I don't know if they are 3-free so I might need to experiment with some more topcoats. But so far so good!


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