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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Julep St. Patrick's Mystery Box

I am late to the St. Paddy's Day party. My Julep mystery box FINALLY arrived so now I'll just have to get in the spirit of it all again.

The chocolate coins
The surprise!
I'll go through each of the items...

Nail file
First, Julep sent a glass nail file. These are my favorite - I only have one so another is welcome (probably will take it on the go or leave it at my desk).

Then, the hand treatments...

Hand Cream
I received a 30 ml size Glow on Age Defying Hand Brightener - it has a nice, fresh smell and silky feel.

The cream
It goes hand in hand (pardon the pun) with Julep's Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub, which I got a 30 ml sample as well.

The scrub

As you can see on my hand, it has little exfoliation beads. It came out quite watery at first, so I had to shake it up but it still has a watery consistency.

Next up are the polishes....

Base Coat
I received Julep's basecoat (I already had their topcoat from the intro box so I'm glad I got the basecoat instead).

L to R: Emma, Sofia, Glenn
The colours I got were Emma (a shimmery sheer oyster pink); Sofia (a grass green glitter) and Glenn (a dramatic red). I swatched them so you can take a look.

From L to R: Emma; Emma with Luxe and Lush (China Glaze Hunger Games Collection); Sofia; Sofia with Leah as a basecoat; Glenn.

Emma (on pinky); Emma with Luxe and Lush overlay (on ring finger)
Another angle
As soon as I put on Emma, it was sheer enough that I thought it would look really good with Luxe and Lush. And I like it even better when that's used as a topcoat!

Sofia (on middle finger); Leah with Sofia overlay (on pointer finger).
Another angle
I found Sofia on its own to be too sheer, almost a watery green. But when swatched over Leah, it adds a bit of sparkle and shine. (Sorry the edges of this swatch aren't so neat!)

Another angle
Glenn is just a really lush, highly pigmented red that looks great on its own.

Overall, this mystery box was certainly good value for the money; I paid only $20 for $80 worth of product. And, there were no dupes; nothing I received I already owned so all the items from Julep were new to me. However, I don't know if I would have chosen these specific polish colours as they are not colours I tend to pick out on my own. I think I like getting surprises a bit better in my beauty boxes, whereas with Julep I like to know what's coming each month, as I am more picky with polish than with beauty products. But this mystery box was still fun to at least try out.

Did you get a Julep St. Patrick's Day mystery box? What did you get? What did you think of it?

If you would like to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up for Julep Maven here. First box promo is 1 penny; just type in any of the following codes at checkout: PENNY, COLOR2012, SHAREONMARCH.


  1. I have yet to order a JULEP box- I don't want to subscribe because 20/month on nail polish isn't for me (even though it is a good value). I've also heard they make it difficult to cancel your subscription. I WOULD buy a mystery box though, just to try it out!

    1. Yeah, the strictly nail polish beauty boxes aren't for everyone - so far I've found I'm getting good use out of the products, but to avoid a major pile-up I'll probably have to skip the month in the future. The mystery box was fun to try out, and I don't believe you need to be a member to purchase those.

  2. I'll post what I got soon, but instead of a base coat, I got the cuticle oil. I also did not receive the scrub...and I already had Sofia from the March Julep Box so unfortunately, this Mystery Box was a little disappointing for me...

    1. For some reason, I think I got more excited opening the monthly Maven boxes than this surprise box, even though I know what I'm going to get in the monthly box! I think I'm just anticipating it more when I am really looking forward to the colours and how I imagine using them.


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