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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Julep swatch and hair topcoat

Back around Valentine's day, Julep had a great offer - spend $14 on the site and get a free polish. I had my eye on Shania, a lovely silvery-grey neutral, so I decided to get that as my polish and because I heard such good things about their hair product, I threw it in the cart as well.

The Topcoat
Julep's top coat for hair is nothing short of amazing. You just spray it on damp hair and style as usual (can also be used on dry hair to create shine). It has this sweet, melon smell and it cuts the frizz and gives amazing body!

The curl
Just to show you, when I used it, instead of a bunch of frizz, the ends of my hair went into a natural curl and stayed! I think this is my favorite product so far of their line (and it's actually not a nail product at all!)

And now here is Shania...

I love the silvery, creamy grey of this colour. It makes for a nice, natural nail. The design on it I just stenciled on from a nail art kit I picked up at Winners (brand: Kiss; includes black, white and silver glitter polish and 30 stencils; $9.99).

Can't wait for my March Maven box and special St. Paddy's Day mystery box as well!

If you'd like to sign up to become a Julep Maven, go to this link and enter the code COLOR2012 to get your first intro box for just a penny! You can also try this code -  MARCHINTRO to get instead 2 polishes and a glycolic hand scrub for a penny.

Or, try a mystery box (you don't have to sign up to become a Maven for this). Use code GREEN to get the St. Patrick's Day $60 box for $19.99 (it will contain anywhere from $60-$200 worth of product). Talk about a beauty lottery!


  1. Loving that nail colour! I actually didn't know Julep had hair products...definitely going to have to look into that.

    1. I think they only have one hair product, but it's quite good, maybe they should branch out and have a mini- hair line.

  2. I got the hair topcoat in my February box and I like it too! I can't wait for my St.Paddy's Day Box! I just got my March Maven box and I love my colours :)

    1. Am looking forward to your upcoming posts - let's compare the mystery boxes when they arrive!

  3. Pretty colours, you received! I ended up getting this creamy salmon colour and a pretty glittery turquoise/blue. Also, instead of the hair topcoat, I got the argan oil. I haven't tried it yet, though. I totally thought the spray was for nails when I first read topcoat haha xx

    1. Saw your post and love the colours! I was actually thinking of getting that box instead of the It girl selection; I know you can pick up past month's boxes on the site and am still debating whether to get it.


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