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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sneek peek of April Julep Maven box

Hi! Quick post today. Just wanted to share with you a sneek peek of what will be coming in April's Maven boxes.

Nice! I'm liking the It Girl box again - Niecy (pink cream); Penelope (blush-white cream) and Jessica (baby blue cream).

If you have a different style profile, here's what in the other boxes this month.

American Beauty comes with pedi cream, Eva (raspberry cream) and Renee (lilac cream).

Boho Glam comes with pedi cream, Alyson (almond cream) and Molly (cherry red cream).

Bombshell comes with pedi cream, Annette (dove grey cream) and Parker (tangerine cream).

Classic with a Twist comes with pedi cream, Susie (mint green cream) and Mandy (coral-pink cream).

There is definitely a cream polish trend going on here!

What do you think? If you are a Maven, what is your style profile? Which box do you like best this month?

If you want to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up to be a Julep Maven here. Intro box is just 1 cent, type in any of the promo codes: COLOR2012 or SHAREONMARCH or PENNY at checkout.


  1. I'm It Girl, but I think i'm going to switch to Classic With a Twist because I love those colors, and I want the foot cream :)

    I like your blog! Following now :)


    1. @Stephanie J - thanks! You're blog is pretty cool as well - I like how I get to peek into U.S.-based beauty boxes (too bad many don't ship here).

      Last month,It girl skipped the Argan oil and this month it skips the pedi cream - I wonder if It girl is just a polish-only box most of the time. I haven't been a subscriber for that long.

  2. I just ordered my first box and am super excited. I got the Bombshell this month since its polishes I don't have in my collection

    1. @ProvincialBudgetBeauty - I was looking at that one as well. There's something about that Tangerine polish that I just love!

  3. I actually skipped this month because of my 165 nail polishes I seem to have one of each Style...so I guess I'll be $19.99 richer this month! I do like "Eva" and "Parker" though so maybe if there is a promotion going on at Julep I'll get those at a later time. Enjoy your April Box!

    1. @Jayne - that's a lot of polish! I am still just building my polish collection and don't have that many, but you skipping the month with Julep is what I need to do with Shoedazzle - my place cannot fit anymore shoes! (Though polish is a lot smaller :)


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