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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beauty Box 5 - March Box

Beauty Box 5 is a new sample box service, and one of the only ones I know that is U.S.-based that ships to Canada as well (Julep does this, but they are primarily nail care). They ship on the 15th of the month and are based in Texas, so it takes a few weeks to make it up to Canada. A monthly membership is $12 (shipping included) and if you get quarterly or yearly subscriptions you save a bit of money. I couldn't wait to be surprised so I eagerly sought out U.S. blogs weeks ago to see what people received. Many of the items were the same from blogger to blogger, so I was pretty sure I knew what I would get.

It came in a lovely turquoise box with the BB5 logo.

Compared to another beauty box
I compared the BB5 box to another box (Glossybox) because many bloggers were commenting on the size, and they weren't kidding, it is quite small compared to the other boxes. However, I actually like this feature, as it fits perfectly in my mailbox and I don't have to go to the post office to pick it up (like I do with larger boxes).

Upon opening the box
Beauty Box 5 does not contain an inner box; rather, the items are packaged in a shiny drawstring bag with a card.

Another view
Let's go through each of the items...

Pur-lisse face wash
The first item is Pur-lisse pur-delicate face wash. BB5 does not include a product card with the box; instead, we are invited to go online to learn more about the products and purchase.

From the website listing - "Give your skin a fresh start every day with pūr~delicate from pūr~lisse. Their special blend of soy milk, soy proteins, white tea and whole oat leaves your skin caressably smooth without removing natural oils. pūr~delicate will soothe your skin, not irritate it. Soap-free and non-foaming, pūr~delicate is strong enough to remove dirt and makeup, yet gentle enough to preserve and enhance your skin's natural beauty. Bring home pure cleansing power with pūr~delicate". The full size is $36 for 5.6 fl. oz., I received a 1.7 oz (or 50 ml) sample.

This is a good sized sample and is great for travel. It has a light scent and a milky consistency. I will definitely use this product as I use scrubs a few times a week but like a more gentle cleanser the rest of the time.

Welda Day and Night Cream

The tubes
Next is Welda day and night creams. From the website (day cream) - "Quench dry to very dry skin after your A.M. cleanse with this antioxidant packed, natural face cream. Use along with the Weleda Iris Hydrating Night Cream for 24 hour hydration. Let this cream do it's thing and bring your inner beauty out to face the day."
(Night cream) - "Use after your P.M. cleansing and sleep soundly, knowing that the Iris Hydrating Night Cream is soothing, repairing and hydrating your skin while you dream. Wake up to supple and strong skin thanks to nutrient rich ingredients.".
The full size for both day and night cream is 1 oz; the day cream retails for $20 and the night cream $21. I received a 0.17 fl. oz (or 5 ml) sample of each.
This is actually a really nice cream with a floral-esq scent. If you don't like your creams to be too scented, you may not like this, but I do like the smell. It is made in Germany, and some European creams I remember trying in the past have this sort of scent. This is actually a reasonably priced cream as well (I hate when I fall in love with a face cream and then find out the price tag - ack!) It's happened to me more than once for sure!

Lavera eye pencil
Next we have Lavera eyeliner. I got a brown pencil, but the website only has info for the silver pencil - "For true color and easy application, look no further than Lavera's Silver Trend Eyeliner. Organic beeswax and palm oil gives eyes smooth texture without any irritation. All shades are completely mineral-based, instantly giving your eyes that natural, striking look." It retails for $10.80 and I believe I received a full-sized product (1.15 g).

The pencil
This is another German brand, and one I've not heard of before. But I love trying new products and I need a brown liner, so perfect!

It goes on smoothly and is highly pigmented.
Priti NYC Nail Polish Remover wipe
Another sample in the box was Priti NYC's Soy Nail Polish Remover Wipe. On the website it says, "With on-the-go busy lifestyles, keeping up with beautiful nails can be challenging. This nail polish remover wipe saves time, space, and energy allowing you to keep up with the occasional nail polish chip. For emergency situations be sure to leave wipes handy in you car, purse, office and anywhere in between." For 10 packets it is $10 and I received one packet in my BB5 box.
I've actually heard other bloggers say really good things about these wipes - that one wipe can do all 10 nails and even then some. It is still a pricey item though, and it would have been nice to receive a couple of these in the box. I do my nails all the time so this will definitely get used.
Last, there was a bonus item included - Comodynes self-tanning towelette.

The towelette
The blurb on the website says, "Get a natural-looking tan with Comodyne's Self-Tanning Towelettes - no salon appointment required! In just three hours, you'll have an even, clean tan with no side effects or streaking. Their special formula contains a moisturizing complex to keep skin feeling soft without artificial aromas or parabens. While the tan tone depends on your individual skin type, the self-tanning towelettes adapt to provide natural results for both fair and dark skin types." An 8 pack of towelettes goes for $17, and I received one in the box.
I can try this out - I haven't really used self-tanners all that much, but what I'm unsure of is if one towelette can be used on your whole body. I just hope I have enough in this one sample - so I don't end up with half my body tan and the other half pale!
Overall, I quite liked this box. When I saw other unboxings I didn't think I would like the products all that much; but upon getting the box and trying some of them out, I'm actually quite happy with it. I do like how these are all new-to-me brands as that's how I find out about new favorite products. I also like how the box as a whole is packaged as well (cuts down on waste). So far so good for BB5 - I am excited for next month's! Hopefully it will ship sooner though!
If you'd like to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up for BB5 here. Cost is $12/month (includes shipping).


  1. great review- I love the turquoise packaging!

    1. I think the packaging of these beauty boxes is very important - you want it to be presented in a nice way to get you excited about what's inside. Turquoise is a favorite colour of mine!

  2. Awww, cute! I'm still not sold on this beauty box though, believe me I'm tempted! I'm happy you liked yours though! Can't wait to see what you get next month!

    1. Yeah, there's a lot of these boxes out there! I hope they will keep it up, only time will tell!

    2. Exactly! I mean, there are only so many companies you can hit up for samples which is why I think we're starting to see fewer sample from bigger companies like Lise Watier, Shu Uemura etc. With each beauty box that pops up the pool of samples to pull from gets smaller because it's not like the same companies are going to give out samples month after month...

    3. That is true - who knows what will happen in the months to come; we might be seeing a lot more samples from new companies or those trying to get more exposure - the bigger names might pull back a bit.


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