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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Deal Alert: Bella Terra Cosmetics 9-stack shimmer kit

Just a quick post to let you beauty fanatics know about a deal I stumbled on yesterday from Dealfind: $34 for a 9-stack shimmer kit from Bella Terra Cosmetics (includes taxes and shipping). It's a Canada-wide deal as well. They retail this package on their website for $114.99, so it is a bit of a discount (70%). They are a mineral cosmetics company and do not test on animals (all pictures below are from Bella Terra Cosmetics)

From Bella Terra Cosmetics

The kit comes with a 9-stack of different mineral makeup colours; a clear lip gloss, clear nail polish, eye primer, eye shadow brush and makeup bag. Why I think this kit is super cool for us crafty, DIY beauty girls is that the mineral stack in this kit can be used to create 8 different products - creamy eyeshadow, matte eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip gloss colour, nail polish (yay), mascara, and even body glitter and hair streaks (if you are daring!)- a really fun and versatile palette (and that's why they include the polish, gloss and primer).

You get to choose which colour stack you prefer out of a total of 8 choices. I chose Topaz...

But it is hard to choose! The other colour options available are:

Mother of Pearl
I can't wait to get my hands on this and start mixing up polish, gloss and shadow. I do like mineral makeup and have a lot of Pur Minerals products so I am excited to try this out! If you'd like to get a kit, you can pick one up here. Let me know what colour set you got!

Last thing, this deal expires Thursday April 19, 5 a.m. EST.


  1. Wow that is an amazing deal!! I get emails from Dealfind but rarely open them.. guess I should more often! I would love to see a review on this when you get it :)

    1. The daily deals have gone down in my opinion; not as many great deals as there used to be - but then sometimes there's some really cool offers like this one. I will definitely review!

  2. holy cow that is such a good deal! thanks for the heads up :)

    1. I know, I almost never see makeup on these deal sites!

  3. I saw this deal as well, but I have almost the exact same kit by a company called Bella Pierre. Can't wait to see your post when your order arrives!

    1. That is really interesting - a very similar name! Wonder if those companies are related? How do you like your kit?

    2. You know what? I don't use it as much as I thought I would...I got all browns and golds so very wearable colours, but I don't use it often. I take solace in the fact that because it's mineral makeup, it will last forever. Like twinkies ;-)

    3. lol - yeah, at least it will last if you only use it once in awhile. I think it's important to get wearable colours like that - the brights like in the Turquoise stack are definitely fun, but you can only wear that out for certain occasions (like maybe clubbing. Or Vegas. Or clubbing in Vegas :)


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