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Friday, April 20, 2012

Preview: May Julep Maven Box

The choices are out for the May Julep Maven Box. Again, third time in a row, I'm lovin' the IT girl box; it has a great summer vibe (all pictures from julep.com)

IT Girl
The coolest thing is - three of the polish boxes this month come with a magnetic polish and magnet! How fun - I haven't yet tried this trend, so I'm really looking forward to the May box. IT Girl comes with Ashley (shimmery sunset orange; Nessa (lemon shimmer) and Kylie -the magnetic polish (in violet shimmer).

The other selections are:

American Beauty
American Beauty has Ellie (shimmery holographic pink) and Kylie - magnetic polish (same as IT girl box). It also comes with The Best Pedi Prep Ever and a foot file (you could probably use this with The Best Pedi Creme Ever in last month's box).

Boho Glam
Boho Glam has Sheryl (butterscotch shimmer - ooh, I like the sound of that!) and Kylie - magnetic polish (same as IT girl box), The Best Pedi Prep Ever and the foot file.

The Bombshell box has Fina (sky blue metallic); Sarah (glittery pink coral); and The Best Pedi Prep Ever with foot file.

Classic with a Twist
Classic with a Twist does not come with polish this month, but has main-pedi prep items - a Sicilian Orange foot soak and The Best Pedi Prep Ever with foot file.

Honestly, I am quite excited for the May box! The magnetic polish is definitely a bonus and I can't wait to try it! Julep has extended their add-on promotion to May's box, so you can add one or two additional items to your box for either $4.99 (polishes - even Kylie + magnet!) or $9.99 (foot soak or pedi prep). I definitely want to do add on's, but can't decide. Should I get pedi prep, foot soak or polishes? If polish which colours?

Also, if you're a Maven, what box will you be getting this month? Are you excited that they introduced a magnetic polish to the mix?

If you'd like to join me on my beauty box journey, intro box is only 1 penny. Simply go here and type in code COLORS4ONE or PENNY or COLOR2012 at checkout.


  1. I'm super excited for May boxes too. I am going to get the American Beauty. Just love the colors there.

    1. American Beauty does have a really nice colour combo going on!

  2. I promised myself I would skip this month.. and it took all my willpower to push that button to confirm that I was skipping. Argghh I am going to have to live my Julep experience through you this month! Can't wait to see what you think of the magnetic polish:)

    1. You do have willpower - certainly more than me! If I had said that I would skip the month and then saw the box with the magnetic polish, I wouldn't be able to do it. I will definitely do a review when I get the box in May.

  3. After skipping last month's Maven Box I am so excited for May's box! I went for the It Girl box and added on "Sarah" from the Bombshell box. Sooo excited! Incredibly enough, I haven't tried the magnetic polish trend because I don't think it's something I'll be wearing a lot of, but I am excited to have one to try now!

  4. Ooh, Sarah looks really nice. I think it will kind of be the same glitter consistency as Portia. It's funny how I never got a magnetic polish either, but I'm glad Julep has made one. Now they just need to get on the full-on glitter, flakies and maybe crackles as well!


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