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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Review 1: Handmade samplers - Sweet Delight Divalicious Box

Today is the first of a short series of posts in the next few weeks that will focus on the 'other' sampler boxes - those that are not run in a continuous subscription format and that you have to purchase whenever you want a box. They are available quarterly or monthly and for the most part, focus on small companies offering handmade products (basically like an Etsy store explosion in a box).

The Sweet Delight Divalicious Box is one of these sampler boxes; it is the only one I know that is Canadian (out of New Brunswick - a fab place BTW) and is available quarterly (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - or Holiday). The box is $26, includes shipping, and they'll ship to Canada/U.S. Each box is a combo of full sizes and sample-sized products, and 10-15 products (or more) is included per box. You can also see lists of contributors that have signed up and pictures of past boxes so you have an idea of what you'll get.

I mentioned this company in a past posting on new (or just new-to-me) sampler boxes, but when the Spring box went on sale in March, it sold out in 4 hours! I was able to get a box, so let's go through it and see what has made it so popular.

Upon opening the box
Everything was packaged very well (cute flowers!), and nothing was broken or cracked.

The products
I received 23 individual items (some are packaged together with others). For a $26 box, that is a pretty good deal. I'll take a close look now at the samples (To find out more about a specific retailer in the box, they should be listed on this page.

Starting from the top and working clockwise: The picture with a cupcake on it is a sample illustration from Mary Winkler and her shop, Acrylicana. This is a sample I actually wasn't expecting to get in a primarily soap/bath/cream product box, but I really like that it was included as it is such a fun and cheery picture and I know exactly where I can put this - to further decorate my (windowless) shared office at school (something nice to look at as I slog away at my proposal research).

Next is a sample of Fine English Guest Soap  and Viola Bath Seeds by BLM gifts. Below that we have a maple sugar soy tealight candle from Me and the Boy (great scent!) Then from Adventures in La la Land is a sample of Pretty in Pumeria soap. Beside that is a small bottle of Ola Creme lotion in Paradise Plumeria (made in Hawaii - nice!) Lastly is a small bag with three items by Willow Tree Bath Collection - a tea light candle, bath salts and black raspberry vanilla soap.

Ok, now for the second round, again, starting from the top and working clockwise - the little jar with the black lid is a fruity blend body butter sample from Rocky Hooves. Beside that is Blue Chamomile and Lavender face cream from Hawkestone Soap Company (nice scent!) The little polka-dotted package is Apricot Freesia soap with cocoa butter by Merry Suds. Loft Soap sent a green tea soap sample. Alegna Soap sent a lily soap sample (loving the pink bits!). Hawkestone Soap Company also sent a sample of their Olive soap (amazing smell). And last, KCSbathhouse gave me a sample of their Italian Soda Sugar Scrub cube - you just take it into the shower or bath and polish your skin. Neat!

And now the last few items - (again clockwise). At the top is this sweet little product from Finding the Moon - a handmade baby headband. It is really well made and just so cute! Now I just need a baby to put it on! ;) To the right is a double sample of Nature's Gate papaya body wash and pomegranate sunflower conditioner. Below that is Sugarfoot's Indian Sandalwood hand cream. Laver Au Naturel bath and body send three samples - two soaps (Sensual Bliss and Vanilla Goat's Milk) and a beeswax lip balm in Pina Colada (I've used that and it is quite good - very moisturizing). And absolutely finally, the little product in the middle is a real treat, Mayahelena sent in a cute little pair of flower earrings!

Close up of earrings

Overall, I really love this box. There are many companies included, most of whom I've never heard of, and many are Canadian as well! It is a great way to find out about unique small businesses, and just what is going on in home studios and workshops around North America. Many of the businesses also chose to include coupons for future purchases, which I think is the best way to do this sampler box ("you like my sample, here's a discount to get some more"). This creates interest and a customer base (who doesn't like a deal?)Even though there were several soap samples, there was a good variety of other products as well. And the scents! (I especially cannot get enough of the maple tealight, the lip balm, the olive soap and the sugar scrub).

Of course, this type of box is not for everyone - if you are more a makeup fan than bath and body, you probably won't take to this box as there is generally no makeup products. Also, if you have a allergy to scents and perfumes - watch out, this box is not for you. And because of the number and variety of samples you may only want to buy this type of box once in awhile so you have a chance to use the samples and review the products.

I'm glad I got this type of sampler box though and I am looking forward to digging in to all my new loot!

If you want to snag a summer Sweet Delight Divalicious Box, head here and sign up for their mailing list or join their facebook group. I also have a button on my sidebar that links to their site. They will announce in advance the date and time the boxes will go on sale. And be quick since they sell out fast!


  1. Very interesting! I have never heard of this type of beauty box before! Out of all the samples you got, how many do you think you will absolutely use?

    1. My goal is definitely to try them all, but some (like the soap samples) will take a longer (I don't think I can have like 5 bars of soap on the go!) If I can't get through all the soap I might give a few to a friend or my mother. The ones I will get to first are: the lip balm, body and face creams, earrings, sugar scrub, and picture (for my office). The tealights I might use when I have people over.

  2. I got one too! I'll post about mine later, but I pretty much got an identical box to yours. I do like my bath products so I think I will have fun with this box :-)

  3. Yay! - I'm glad you got one this time; it's neat to have these different samples to play around with.

  4. Ohh.. Looks nice.. Havn't ordered a box in awhile from them. I think I will soon :)


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