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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review 2: Handmade Samplers - Sampler Village

Continuing on with my review of primarily small companies offering handmade samples, Sampler Village is next on my list of reviews. I found out about this sample box through Jayne at Cosmetic Proof, who reviewed the February box on her blog.

Sampler Village was founded in 2009, and boxes are shipped out of Quakertown, PA. They offer three types of boxes - The Charmingly Samplicious Sampler Box, The Lavishly Samplicious Sampler Box and the Yummylicious Treats Sampler Box. The Charmingly includes 15-20 samples and ships to U.S. and Canada ($25 - shipping included for U.S., $10 extra shipping to Canada); The Lavishly includes 35-45 samples, ($40 - U.S. shipping included). The Yummylicious is the all-edibles box, only available October to April ($40 - U.S. shipping included). Each month they have a different "mayor" of Sampler Village; that company is featured in every box. The mayor for March's Box was The Wacky Cookie Company. Sampler Village also has a pretty active facebook page that has contests going on all the time; you might want to check it out. The boxes also change themes each month, and for March (obviously) it was Spring into Easter.

Upon opening the shipping box.
The Sampler Village Box (cute colours!)
Taking a peek at what's inside

Let's see what I got!

All the samples

In total I received 19 samples. I will go through them individually.

First section
The villagers mentioned can be found on this page. From the top, clockwise: an Easter photo frame card from Little Kitten; a "Love is my Bunny" limited edition print from Allthingscolored; a beaded and fabric bookmark from Funky Eco Chick; a 'washie' cloth from Momufactured Designs; a Gift card holder from Neat things Boutique; and a Bunny and carrot sugar cookie from Wacky Cookies (I gobbled this up and it was delish!)

Second Section
From the top, clockwise: The top is just a promo card, annoucing the mayor of this month's box; below that is a honeysuckle-jasmine soy wax melt from Piixlwix candle company; a dragonfly charm (could be used for cellphones) from rj charms; 'Sabar' perfume oil (mix of myrtle, blood orange, jasmine, vanilla and patchouli) from Bonny Bubbles; a sweet little lamb cupcake or cake topper from Marilee Jane Designs; an Easter egg package tie from Clever Thoughts; and the card above is another sampler village promo card.

Third Section
From the top, clockwise: The card at the top is an advertisement for the Craft Cafe, a place to find handmade products. Below that to the right are colourful tropical jelly bean scented wax melts from Michellesthisandthat. Then there is a small soap sample from Southern Cross Candles in Andes Mint Chocolate. Next a small sample of apple fritter lye soap from BeauxSavonsFrais. At the bottom are three samples of soy wax melts from The Gingerbread Cupboard. Up from that, a small piece of Honey Oat Soap from Skinny Dip Soaps. Another soap piece from Sugar Bubbles Soap. Then, another soap sample from Autumn Rose Bath and Beauty in Elegant Apple Aloe and Shea Butter. Finally to the right of that, there is a soy tealight in Clean Cotton scent from Orange County Candles.

So overall, what do I think? I like that many of the vendors included additional discounts and coupon codes with the samples they sent. I also like that there is a good variety of samples (though, a bit heavy on the soap and wax melts), and that I got on the high end of the 15-20 promised samples (I received 19, not including the promo cards). Some samples I liked better than others (my favorites were the bunny cookie, the bookmark, picture, gift card holder and candle). A few I would have liked to see more of (for example, the easter egg gift card tag - could there have been two or three included? As well as the cupcake decoration). The soap samples though is where this box fell short a bit - I will enjoy trying the different varieties of soap, but every bar was just a shaving off of a big bar of soap - if you go to Lush for example they will give you this size of sample for free to try it out. The soaps in the Divalicious box were mostly guest-sized or hotel-sized - smaller, but stand-alone bars of soap. These are much nicer and easier to use and to put out for guests as well. I would recommend that in future boxes vendors send in these types of soaps.

Also, it is important to point out the scents in the box - many of the products are scented and combined, when you open the box it has a very strong, floral aroma. Again, like the Divalicious box, if you are sensitive to fragrances or have an allergy to strong scents, this is not the sample box for you.

I would purchase a Sampler Village box again, as these companies are all new to me, and the samples and companies change from box to box, so you are always finding out about new shops. But I would encourage vendors to send in slightly larger samples as it helps to get many uses out of a product to see if you like it and also to feel like we got our money's worth (especially in Canada since we have to pay extra for shipping).

If you would like to get your own Sampler Village box go here. Boxes are available on the 21st of each month. I also have a button on my blog's sidebar that links to their site.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you got a chance to try it out! The Easter Box looked so colourful and fun. Totally agree with you on the size of the soaps with Sampler Village. Some of the soap samples were quite small...like the last little bits of soap that you would have squished together with a new bar of soap!

  2. This box was quite neat - Sampler Village really picks out neat colours to go with the month's theme. If they put in larger soap samples it would be that much better!

  3. I got this months box - April - Mom's Sweet Escape Boxes.. I was happy with my products :) Love Sampler village


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