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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review #3: Handmade Samplers - Out of the Box

I'm still experiencing some issues with commenting on blogs; so please check your spam boxes if I usually comment and you haven't seen anything from me in awhile. I saw that some other bloggers have this same issue on the google forums -  I hope this gets resolved soon!

In any case, the blogging must go on. Today I have for you the third out of the handmade sampler boxes; this one is called Out of the Box. They have been in business since 2006, and are based in Freeport, PA. Like Sampler Village, every month they have one merchant sponsor the box and each month has a different theme. April's theme was the Bunny Hop Easter Box. Monthly boxes go on sale roughly the first Tuesday of every month at 8 pm (though for May it will go on sale on the 7th of the month). There are several different box sizes to choose from: the Mini Sampler box has 8 samples (U.S. only) and is $10.95, shipping included; the regular box has 18-20 samples and is $25 (add $12 for Canadian shipping or $30 for international shipping) and the Bodaciously Bigger box has around 45 samples, from all of the merchants that have sent in samples that month and is $54.95 (add $17 for Canadian shipping or $35 for international shipping). All boxes have the option of adding insurance for $1.85; if you choose this option and something goes wrong, you are not out of your hard-earned money!

I've found the boxes tend to sell out within a day or so of going on sale, so if you'd like to get a box, mark your calendars! (I also have a button on my sidebar that goes to the Out of the Box site).

For April, I chose the regular box and with Canadian shipping and insurance, my total was $38.85. This is the most expensive of the three handmade samplers, with Sampler Village costing $35 and Sweet Delight Divalicious costing $26.

Let's look inside the box!

The box
Upon opening the USPS shipping box, this is how the sample items were packaged. Most of the samples are in the box; a few edible samples are in the bunny bag and there was a card included that listed the theme of the box, the sponsor of the box and a website to go to - if you review the products in the box you are entered to win a free one!

Opening the box
There's all of the samples, nestled in the box, and another view of the edible samples in the bag.

All the samples
 In total I received 19 samples. Let's go through them and see what I got!

 Starting from top, clockwise: First of all, I got this GIANT tub of stress-relief bath salts from Rustic Ridge Creations - in Bergamot scent. It also comes with a little wooden scoop! To the right of that are two full-sized Orange Dreamsicle bath cubes from Bee Silk Naturals. Below is a full-sized wax melt in the scent - 'Pucker up my sweetie' from The Melt Shoppe (this smells absolutely, unbelivably amazing!) Below that is scented soap and easter confetti from Blue Strawberry Scents (another amazing scented product). At the bottom at the two cards that welcome you to the Out of the Box sampler. Above the bunny card is a full-sized bar of soap in Black Lavendula from Round Tree Organics. And above that is a sunflower bath bomb from Bugs and Bubble Soap Co.

 In this section, we have (clockwise from top): a pack of flower power wax melts from Cozy Critters; a carrot cake soy tealight from Me and the Boy; two full-size flower wax melts in Island Mango scent from the box's sponsor, Clarks Creek Candle Co.; a full-size fudge brownie wax tart from Ugly Duckling Designs (it really does smell like mouth watering chocolate!); a wax tart cup in the scent 'pink lemonade' from Candle Confectionery; and above that, two lip balms, the first in Acai and Juniper from Tiki Bar Soap and the second at the top from Fairly Charmed in Marshmallow Fluff scent.

And in this last section, we have (clockwise from top): the edible items; in the bag we have a pumpkin-pecan cookie and a Reese's peanut butter cupcake cookie (mmmmm!) from Caseosa Crafts Baked Goods; beside that is a cake pop (cake on a stick) from Angel Cake Pops; below is a really sweet handmade card with pearls and ribbon from Elodie's Shop; at the bottom there is a lotion bar sample in the scent 'Crystal Blue Water' from Bimini Bars; above that is a little crocheted circle from Jodis Craft Emporium (which, among many things, can be used as a scrubbie for your face, to foam up and massage in face wash); and lastly, in the middle is a cute little felt flower bookmarker clip from Zandy land.

Discounts and coupons
I also just wanted to show you that this sampler also comes with a whole page listing the companies and the discounts and samples they are offering (for more info on this go to this page) (I didn't do a super close up on the page because I don't know if this is just for those who purchased the box, but it is just to give you an idea). There are also some coupons online, just follow the link.

Overall I am super-impressed with this box. The shipping was timely, it was nicely packaged and organized and the samples are fantastic - many are full-sized and I like how there was a wide variety in the box (e.g. not a ton of soap). The scents are also absolutely amazing and very unique (brownies, pink lemonade anyone?) Again, if you cannot tolerate scents, this might not be the box for you, but for those who like scented products you will get a kick out of this box. It is also the most expensive of the three handmade sampler boxes but I feel like you get good value for the money because of the variety and full-sized products. I also like how they offer insurance at a reasonable cost to make sure you get your samples! All of the coupons and discounts are great as well and I like how they outline what discounts you can get on a separate page.

I think this is my favorite of the handmade sampler boxes, followed very closely behind by Sweet Delight Divalicious, then Sampler Village. Sampler Village needs to get a larger variety of items and ensure that samples are guest sized or small full-sized, because tiny soap pieces are not really what people are looking for when they buy a sample box. In terms of money, the Sweet Delight Divalicious is the most economical and it does have many nicely-sized samples (though a bit too many soaps). For an extra $10 or so though, I do like the scents, variety and size of the products that Out of the Box gives. If I had one negative comment for Out of the Box it would be that there are a bit too many wax melts, but because I am enamoured by the scents of these, I really don't mind too much.

In other news, I think I will do a giveaway contest when I hit 20 followers. So far I have 16 with google (it says 17 but for some reason I am following myself - don't know how that happened!) so I really have 16 followers. I am also on Bloglovin but don't have any followers yet there. I think when the combined total of google friends and bloglovin reaches 20, I'll have a little contest!


  1. Interesting! Haven't heard of this service! I wanted an edible box so I was sad when the Sampler Village one didn't ship to Canada, but this looks like a great one to try out! Thanks!

    1. Yeah - I'm glad there are some edibles included; BTW the peanut butter Reese cup cookie was sooo good (I had it with a tea and it was the perfect mid afternoon snack).

  2. Great box! I am super interested in these boxes they are a nice alternative to the typical makeup subscription boxes!


    1. They are quite fun and I do like how you can pick and choose which month you'd like to try out; you're never locked in and also how they 'theme' each month's box.

  3. Thanks for reviewing the April Bunny Hop Out Of The Box Sampler! I'm so excited that you love us best :) Just wanted to let your readers know that the discount codes and coupons are open to anyone, not just box buyers and can be found on our website at the link you provided in your post. I'll share this with our facedbook readers and hopefully build your followers up :)


    1. Thanks for your kind comments and for linking the review to your blog!


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