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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sally Hansen Gem Crush swatch

I was super excited to try Sally Hansen's line of Gem Crush nail polishes. This is definitely a line of nail bling, so you can let your sparkly side come out, all at drugstore prices. I went into Shoppers Drug Mart and couldn't find them on the nail rack display; turns out they hadn't yet got around to updating their display so they went in the back to find some so I could choose colours.

From Sally Hansen's ad campaign (from L to R: Cha-Ching, Bling-tastic, Glitz Gal, Lady Luck, Be-Jeweled, Showgirl Chic, Razzle Dazzler, Big Money)
I ended up choosing Lady Luck (magenta) and Bling-tastic, (a fabulous blue). Each colour retails for $8.99.

L to R: Bling-tastic; Lady Luck
This whole line of Gem Crush polishes kind of reminds me of the 2011 Muppets Holiday Collection by OPI. I was in love with Gone Gonzo, but never picked it up - Bling-tastic is a pretty close match I think!

L to R: swatch of Lady Luck; Bling-tastic
Different lighting

Bling-tastic is azure blue glitter and silver sparkles in a clear base. It took 3 coats to achieve this look. Lady Luck is magenta glitter and multicolour sparkles, also in a clear base but it took less applications to get a uniform look, only two. Using a topcoat keeps the glitter polish from feeling too rough after it's dry. I'm actually quite pleased with the Gem Crush line so far. The two colours I tried are bold, sparkly and fun. If you like your glitters to be more on the subtle side, there are shades like Razzle Dazzler - rose-pink glitter with silver sparkles or Big Money - gold glitter with purple sparkles. I have my eye next on Cha-Ching - red glitter with silver sparkles!  


  1. wow they are both gorgeous but I LOVE bling-tastic! thanks for the swatches!

    1. That's my favorite as well - it's funny, even when I went to the checkout, the lasy at the register said "Oh, those are nice" and proceeded to open and test Bling-tastic! I just thought that was quite amusing :)

  2. I am so glad you did a review and nail swatches on these polishes! I work in an office building above a Shoppers and every day I go downstairs to get the mail I walk by the display with all of these colours... never knew what to make of them though.. but they are so beautiful! I'm going to take a closer look next time:)
    Great post as always

    1. Thanks so much! I have been curious about this line since seeing an ad in a magazine, and then this week I was on the subway and saw maybe 4 giant ads for it; it was like my feet were then propelled to the next Shoppers!

  3. I have Cha Ching, Big Money, Be-Jeweled and Showgirl Chic. All fantastic!

    1. Ooh, good selection! I really like the colour contrast in Big Money. Who am I kidding, I love the whole line - I better not cave, I have to follow my budget - only one more for me!


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