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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

April Luxe Box Review (and a few shoes too!)

My April Luxe Box came the same day as my First in Line choice - Panty by Post - so I get to review the whole box in this post.

The shipping box
The Luxe Box
Opening it up...
Inside the box
So besides the panty (which was shipped separately) there were three other items for April (and a daffodil pin).

The product card
The pin was included because Luxe Box partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society and it's a little reminder of that donation. It is quite cute and would look great on a jacket!

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
For products, first up is Pantene Pro-V Aqua light shampoo and conditioner.

The card says: "Congratulations! You have been selected to try the new Aqua Lite Shampoo and Conditioner from Pantene's professional hair care line. The Aqua Light range has a lot of new innovative ways of achieving weightlessness, using things like water-soluble ingredients and light gel formulations." The full size shampoo and conditioner (375 ml) retail for $6 each; I received a 50 ml sample of each.

I have a feeling that all Luxe Boxers were selected to try this shampoo, but in any case, these are good travel sized samples. I used to use Pantene a lot, but then switched to Head and Shoulders, so I wouldn't mind trying it out again. It has that Pantene smell I remember (it is hard to describe, other than saying the Pantene smell ;)

Biosilk Silk Therapy
Next is Biosilk Silk Therapy.

The card says that it is "a lightweight leave-in treatment that helps moisturise and restructure your hair without heaviness. The silk proteins strengthen your hair from the inside out, vitamin B holds in moisture, and vitamin E with botanical extracts nourishes for shine and softness. It also protects your hair from future sun damage and from the heat of your styling tools. The result is silky smooth, shiny hair. This product is a TotalBeauty.com award winner". The full size (360 ml) retails for $55; I received a 15 ml sample.

I'm actually very happy to see this in my box, as I have a flat-iron from Nu Me coming in the mail and the mini iron only has a high heat setting so people have been recommending to use a good serum to protect the hair before styling. I will try this out when the Nu Me iron gets here!

Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat

Next is Seche's Ridge Filling Base Coat.

The card reads: "Contains finely ground quartz crystals that work very effectively to not only fill ridges in the nail plate, but also help disguise nail imperfections. Seche Base has an incomparable bonding ability and is specially formulated to give nail polish the best anchor to hold on to". The full size (15 ml) is $7; I got a 3.8 ml sample in the box.

Another product I am happy to see. I saw other bloggers got this in past Luxe Boxes and wish I got it, so I'm pleased that it was in this month's box. I have ridges on my thumbnails so I want to see if this will work. I've also heard from other beauty bloggers that Seche is a great brand.

The Panty by Post shipping envelope 

Last is the Panty by Post.

The card reads: "PantybyPost.com is an online subscription service to receive a pretty panty every month in the mail. They have three different lines (Signature, Bridal, Men's) and each panty comes wrapped in beautiful tissue in a box." A single panty is $30, and the price goes down per panty based on subscription length : $216 for 12 months; $114 for 6 months or $60 for 3 months.

And here's what came!

I got a lovely silk striped panty wrapped in this fun pink polka dot paper! I really love it and it feels so luxurious! I'm really glad that Luxe box partnered with Panty by Post, as I've heard of this company before but was very hesitant to get anything from them; this was a good trial and it's tempting me to pick up the 3 month subscription!

So overall, a pretty good month's box, as I will put all the products to use!

And...'cause I mentioned the shoe part in the title of this post (and had a request to showcase some of my shoe purchases)...here's a few that just came in the mail for me :)

These are from Just Fab - and I will be wearing them with my bridesmaids dress for my friend's wedding in August. Classy, and surprisingly comfy for the height of the heel.

These are from Shoedazzle - love the nude peep toes and heel bling! These sold out quickly; I was lucky to snag a pair.

Aaah- how fun! These are Just Fab again, from the Abbey Dawn collection. Absolutely. Love.


  1. I love love the nude peep toes and of course the red studded ones!! Is it wrong that I went to the shoes before I read about what you received in your Luxe Box?

    1. Lol - no I would have done the same thing! Fun shoes are like cosmetics for your feet, in a way ;)

  2. Cute panties! Mine were bright blue! lol How does shoedazzle and justfab work!?

    1. Yeah, I loved the panty by post - definitely was the highlight of the box. If you sign up for JustFab, they create a showroom at the beginning of each month for you and you have the option to skip the month or buy a shoe. They also come out with different styles all month long, so you might skip and then get something later in the month. Almost all styles are $39.95 + $9 shipping to Canada. Shoedazzle works almost the same way, except you don't ever have to skip a month, just buy whenever you want. Price is the same. I find the most awesome shoes on these sites and they're usually 2-3 times cheaper than similar styles in stores. If you're interested, I do have a referral link for each site - it's hyperlinked under the picture of each shoe.

      I'll probably post more shoe pics in the future!!

  3. the nude peep toed shoes are just fabulous!!! I LOVE them. the studded pink heels are amazing too, so hot. you have fantastic taste!
    I cannot believe how expensive panties by post is, yikes!

    1. Thanks! I love nude shoes in general, and these just had a bit extra oomph; the pink was just so fun I couldn't resist!

      Yeah, Panty by Post does seem pricey; that's why I was initially hesitant to try it, but they seem like very good quality (not something you'd find in the 5 for $10 bin at La Senza :) Although those are good everyday wear, these seem more special occasion.

  4. oo i was so interested in what people received from Panty by Post.
    and love Leisa from Shoedazzle - super nice heel!
    i have been waiting for JustFab to bring back a style in my size before making my first purchase but have had no such luck.

    1. Thanks! What shoe have you been waiting for? I missed out on the Iron Fist collection and hope they bring those styles back.

  5. I love Seche Vite! I wish I would have got that in my months box! I love the top coat that they have. I buy it at Sally Beauty! Love the shoes! The nude ones are really nice! I was away for the panty by post :( def wish I was here to sign up for that!

    Started following you.. would love a follow back! :)


    1. I've been hearing about Seche Vite for so long, I'm glad I get to try it out! (It's funny how I could just go out and buy it, but was waiting for it to be in a beauty box instead!)

      Thanks for the follow - I checked out your blog as well!

  6. What a great box.. I have used that biosilk before and loved it! And O...M...G.. those shoes are just stunning ...great taste girlie:)

    1. Thanks - shoes are my weakness! I'm excited to try the biosilk when my flatiron arrives.

  7. WOW! Love those WTH heels!!


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