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Monday, May 21, 2012

Julep Maven - June box preview

Happy Victoria Day all! Over this long weekend, Julep posted their box preview for June. Check it out...

American Beauty
In June's American Beauty box, there is Courteney (key lime cream); Lily (fuchsia cream); and Julep's Daylight Defense (SPF 30 face sunblock).

Boho Glam
The Boho Glam box has Robin (blue cream); Daisy (lemon cream) and Julep's Daylight Defense.

Bombshell this month has Rose (watermelon cream); Morgan (shimmer grape) and Julep's Daylight Defense.

Classic with a Twist 
Classic with a Twist includes Lauren (hot pink cream); Claire (sky blue cream) and Julep's Daylight Defense.

IT Girl
Lastly, IT Girl has Sasha (melon cream); Morgan (same as Bombshell box - shimmer grape) and Sandra (shimmery magenta).

Even though these are really fun colours, and I like not just my IT girl box but some of the others as well, I don't think I will get a Maven box this month as I have lots of polishes to go through (and sunscreen is not really a pull for me to get one of the other boxes). Also... I just happened to get some amazing colours up in cottage country over the weekend!

The find (L to R - Aruba Rhythm; Frenzy, Purple Passion; Let's Meet)
Check it out - I found these amazing colours for only $2.99 each! Score! Sinful Colors is apparently 3 free as well, so doubly good. I love the holographic colours of Aruba Rhythm and have been looking for a yellow like Let's Meet for a long time (darker, mustard-y yellow with a hint of shimmer). And I can picture Frenzy as an accent nail to go with Purple Passion. I'm so happy with this find :)

What do you think? Will you get a Maven box this month? Which colours do you like?

If you'd like to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up for Julep Maven here (referral link) or here (non-referral link). Intro box is only a penny - just type in code COLORS4ONE or SHAREONMAY in at checkout.


  1. Same with me. Great choices this month but I am skipping the month.

    1. Yeah, I think it's actually possible to have too much polish! ;)

  2. I can't afford the maven box this month, so I'll be skipping too. Though sasha looks like a gorgeous colour and I'm semi lusting over it!
    Ps. Purple-Passion looks like a great find!

    1. I do like Julep's summer colours but since getting Sinful Colors over the weekend I can't justify this month's box. I can't wait to do a mani with purple passion!

  3. I'm skipping too, I have 234 bottles of polish so after comparing with what I already own, I have almost all of the colours in each of the Maven boxes...oh well $20 richer this month! Great polish haul! I loce SC polishes!

    1. I'm glad Julep does this preview, so I can be sure of my decision. Otherwise, I think I'd be curious to see what would come so I wouldn't want to skip.

  4. I think I'll be getting Classic with a Twist.. I skipped last month so I'm thinking I deserve a little treat..I didn't know you could get sinful colours in Canada.. I have never seen them before!


    1. I love the colours in that box! Yeah, you didn't get a box last month so treat yourself! I didn't know about Sinful Colors until I saw them on the weekend.


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