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Monday, May 7, 2012

Julep May Box - Boho Glam

I know I went on about the May IT girl box, but then as I realized I wanted to try one of the foot products as well, the most economical thing for me to do was to get the Boho Glam box for this month instead (or else I would have had to do a $9.99 add-on for the pedi prep).

So without further ado, the May box...

Inside the box (packaged all pretty)
The goods
Let's look at the pedi prep first.

Pedi Prep and foot buffer
Julep now has "The Best Pedi Prep Ever" (which I assume goes with The Best Pedi Cream Ever from last months box, and indeed, a sample of the cream was included here). It is a 60 ml rollerball, and it comes with a foot buffer. You basically roll on the prep on the rough parts of your foot, wait a minute to let it soften, and then buff with the scrubbie and wash. The pedi prep smells a bit medicine-y, not the most inviting fragrance ever, but oh my does it ever work. My feet were so soft and smooth after - the only other time they feel like that is right after a pedicure. Julep says to follow with The Best Pedi Cream ever; I did that and put on thick socks and my feet felt so pampered! So this was a good choice for me to switch from the IT Girl box, since that box did not come with Pedi Prep.

Sheryl, Kylie, and magnet
Card on how to use the magnetic polish
I was the most excited to try Kylie, my first-ever magnetic polish, but also loved the butterscotch colour of Sheryl from the preview, so that's why I ultimately decided on Boho Glam. Here's the swatch!

L to R: Sheryl, Kylie (no magnet applied); Kylie (with magnet).
Different lighting 
So now that I've tried out both colours, I have to say that I'm really happy with them both. Sheryl is a golden, warm shade that would also look good with my Gosh mattifier polish over it (to give it that chrome effect) and Kylie is a beautiful plum that looks good with or without the use of the magnet. It only took me a few tries to get the hang of using the magnet, and I love the stripes it makes!

Also, Julep was having a few issues this month with their brushes; some people's polishes arrived with oddly fanned-out tips that made it really difficult to put the polish cleanly on the nail. If you have this problem and phone or email them, they should send you replacement brushes. Mine only fanned out at the edges very slightly, and I didn't have that much of an issue applying the polish.

Just a reminder that my contest to win a Julep Maven box will be ending in two days (on May 9th!) So if you haven't entered, see my post about it here.

What box did you receive this month? How do you like your colours? What do you think of the pedi items?

If you'd like to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up for Julep Maven here. Intro box is only a penny - just put code COLORS4ONE or SHAREONMAY in at checkout. 


  1. Ahh your just breaking my little heart with this great review since I didn't get a box this month! I'm especially upset I missed out on the pedi prep... sounds like a fantastic product and one I could really use!
    Great post hun


    1. I'm sure you can get the same results by soaking your feet in epsom salts - it's just the roller is a bit more convenient. With the way my budget is going, I might not get a Julep box next month, we'll see what they got. That's why I really like the box previews.

  2. I am totally looking forward to my Cinco de mayo mystery box!!

    1. I didn't get a mystery box - will look forward to your review!

  3. Never tried magnetic polish - but I really like the marbled look in your photos! I decided not to get the May box - but here's hoping I will get a magnetic polish in the Cinco de Mayo Box I ordered!

    1. It is quite possible - and you have the chance of getting one of the big boxes as well :)

  4. I am so excited for my May Maven and Cinco de Mayo Boxes! Very nice to hear that the Pedi Prep worked so well! Maybe I'll snag one during a sale!

    1. Aaaah - it seems like I had to stay at home during the Cinco de Mayo party :( I couldn't buy two boxes this month, but am going to be scouring the reviews when your mystery box comes in!


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