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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Fab: The Iron Fist Collection

Key to My Sole (also available in white)

Ok, so I'm talking about Just Fab again, but this post is mainly going to be about shoes - because the Iron Fist collection is out again!!! I have been not-so-patiently waiting for months for another Iron Fist collection to drop and it is finally here!!!

What's the big deal with Iron Fist, you ask? Here is the blurb on who they are and what this brand represents (http://www.ironfist.co.uk/):

Devised by two friends in San Diego in 2001, the idea was to create a clothing and footwear brand for men and women that they could not find anywhere else, taking inspiration from an array of talented artists.

The collection includes apparel, footwear and accessories, satisfying all tastes, from sophisticated classic, right through to more daring stand out from the crowd style.

Iron Fist is a truly unique brand, refusing to be pigeon holed in to a particular genre.  The brand has grown from strength to strength, purely because of its diversity and constantly innovative approach to each season.

Outbursts of distinctive designs can be found throughout the range with phenomenal artwork, and unique designs; it is described as bold, impulsive, raw and unapologetic. 

Chosen as a favourite brand by many celebrities, Iron Fist is fashion stylists dream, it can be mixed and matched to suit the true style icons as well as the toned down for the less bold!

Ok, so that is definitely something the marketing and PR department cooked up, but it explains a bit about the philosophy behind the line. They do sell through other retailers like heels.com and on their own site, but they teamed up with JustFab, and the shoes, purses and clothing in this collection is available for roughly half or a third of what they go for on other sites (each item is $39.95 for JustFab members!).

That is why I was waiting on pins and needles for this to come out. I'll show you some of the shoes and then talk about why I like this style so much.

Muerte Punk Princess (also available in red or green)

My Shining Heart
High Voltage
Koi Samui

Love Bites Bootie (also available in black)
American Nightmare (also available in purple, blue or red)

I Caught Kewpie flat

They also have handbags...

Shotgun Bag
Lounge Leopard Bag
And even some clothing...

Mr. Wong's Sequined Tank
Bowed Over Dress

This is only a taste of what's in the collection, but why I love IF so much is because it has the elements of design I just love - pretty, fun and edgy. I also think they have something for (everyone) most people. If you don't really like any kind of pattern on your shoes, bags or clothes, or have a very classic style, Iron Fist might not be the collection for you. But they do have a wide variety which I think can suit many tastes and styles; if you only like a bit of pattern - perhaps the I Caught Kewpie flat; if you like shine, maybe the High Voltage or My Shining Heart shoe or Mr. Wong tank; if you like bold patterns you might like the Koi Samui shoe, Lounge Leopard Bag, or Bowed Over Dress; and if you like to throw in a bit of edge to your wardrobe, American Nightmare is definitely where it's at.

What do you think of these styles? Do you own anything from Iron Fist?

If this line is right up your alley and you'd like to see the whole collection, you can sign up for Just Fab either here (my referral link) or here (no referral link). Remember to always read the FAQ for membership terms:

(Basically, as a VIP member and to get all items for $39.95, you get a new boutique on the first of every month, and if you don't want anything you can skip the month - you can skip as many times as you like. If you don't skip or buy, you are charged a 39.95 credit which you can use in the shop whenever. There is no minimum purchase required and you can cancel anytime). Shipping/exchanges is free in the U.S., but for Canada it is $9 per shipment. You can also choose the pay-as-you-go option, which means you would never have to skip the month, but you would pay more for each item ($49-$79). I find as a VIP member I just put a note on my calendar reminding me to skip the month and then if I want I can always buy something later - this way I still get shoes for the sweet rock-bottom price :)


  1. I love the lounge leopard bag! My style though is definitely a little less edgy/more neutral/classic so I might not be able to pull any of these off!

    1. Yeah the lounge leopard is really pretty! Very fun prints on that bag! I do like neutrals as well but there's just something about this collection that I can't resist!

  2. Those shoes are amazing!! So beautiful.. checked out the site but sadly their smallest size is 5.5 :( Poor size 3 me!


    1. size three? say whaaat? as in kiddie sized toes? how short are you, missy! that sounds so small. I have size 8 feet at 5'4.

    2. I concur - size 3! The only one I know that comes close is my friend who has size 6. Where do you generally go to get shoes?

  3. what a cool idea, it seems similar to the Kardashian shoe subscription business? can't remember the name!

    1. Yeah, Just Fab is like Shoedazzle, the only main difference is that Shoedazzle recently got rid of it's monthly skip the month, so you can just buy whenever you feel like it from that site. Though I haven't seen nearly as many collaborations - besides Iron Fist, Just Fab has the Abbey Dawn line from Avril Lavigne. Shoedazzle will just once in a while have a 'celebrity' shoe - a specific shoe designed by a star (like Jenni Garth, Carmen Electra, etc).

  4. I think American Nightmare in green is my favorite. It's a real head turner for sure!

    Oh and Canadian Beauty, as CityGirl said, they are very similar but there are a few big differences. Check out this JustFab review and some of the articles on that site to see the main differences between the two.

    1. American Nightmare is actually my fave as well - it's actually why I signed up for JF. Thanks for the link to the review to compare between Shoedazzle and Just Fab.


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