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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just Fab: Pamper to Perfection Beauty Bag and Shoes!

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mummies out there! I just came back from celebrating Mother's Day with my family and we took my mum out to Ciao Wine Bar in Yorkville - really excellent Italian food. Hope everyone is enjoying the day.

In this post, I'm going to go through what I got in my Pamper to Perfection Beauty Bag I ordered from Just Fab. It was a total steal at $39.95 and they are all new products to me (but I've heard good things about many of them).

The tote
Everything came in this really cute satin tote bag that I will definitely reuse. Products inside are below!

Exuviance Treatment Masque
The tube
The Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque is a 74 ml tube which retails for about $34. It contains aloe vera  (love that aloe!) and is supposed to rejuvenate, soothe and calm the skin. You apply, let it dry for 15 min. and then peel off or rinse off. It has a watery consistency and smells like cucumbers. I love calming masks and am looking forward to trying this out!

3 Lab Cleansing Foam
Next is 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam. I got 100 ml tube which is an amazing size - the full size is 125 ml and retails for $50. This product is a Beautyfix pick and is a morning and nighttime gentle cleanser that is good for all skin types. It has this very fresh, clean smell - I am really excited to try this out; I just have to wait until one of my other sample cleansers is empty (right now I have about four on the go!) But this product is one of the reasons I wanted to get this bag.

Lisa Hoffman A.M/P.M. serum
The bottle
Next is Lisa Hoffman's Night and Day Vitamin A and C Serum. It smooths lines, softens skin and helps prevent premature aging. This is a 15 ml tube; and the full-size 30 ml tube retails for $95. The serum is clear and though it goes on a bit greasy, it soaks nicely into skin; it also has this subtle scent - the best way I can describe it is being outdoors in a park (no one should hire me to describe perfume!) But it is a pleasant smell and I am so happy I got quite a bit of product to test out long-term.

Another thing that I wanted to point out, and always seem to forget to mention when blogging about beauty products, is that product packaging is of utmost importance. The best way to package creams and serums is actually in an opaque pump-top container, as the product will last longer and the ingredients will stay stable. Translucent packaging and jar packaging are not as good - especially when you are always dipping your fingers into product (can get germy). But, I do love products that are in translucent (Garnier Ultra Life Serum and Moisturizer) or jar packaging (Elizabeth Arden Prevage cream) - I just wish they would consider modifying the packaging.

Jonathan Oil Treatment Spray

The spray
The hair product included in this beauty bag is Jonathan IB Revitalizer Overnight Oil Treatment Spray. A full size can was included here (108.7 g) which retails for $40. It's a leave-in spray for dry and damaged hair - you can leave it in for as little as 20 minutes or even overnight (but put a towel on your pillow if you're doing the latter). Wash hair afterwards. It says to use this twice a week for a month, then 2-3 times per month for results, but I am pretty lazy :) and will probably just use this when my ends are feeling really damaged.

3lab "M" Cream

Another view
3lab's "M" cream does have some super lofty claims. "The first cosmetic product that contains stem cells from the rare Uttweiler Spatlauber Swiss apple, so rare that only three trees remain in existence! This luxury skin de-stressing cream works to increase resiliency and cellular turnover while giving the skin a naturally radiant glow from the inside out."

Now I don't know about all that, but I do think it is kind of cool to try something so expensive- a 2 oz jar (just under 60 ml) retails for $260!!! Unfortunately, I don't know the size of this sample, but it is a good sized jar - maybe 5 ml or so and definitely enough for a couple weeks.

LaLicious Body Scrub
Now for something fun! LaLicious Sugar Kiss Moisturizing Body Scrub. This body scrub retails for $34 and smells heavenly - like vanilla birthday cake. Mmmmm, I love yummy scents like this. It has really fine sugar granules and will be a welcome addition to my tub as I just finished my Body Shop coconut scrub.

Cures age defyer eye
The tube
Another full-size product: Cures by avance age defyer eye cream. This 15 ml tube retails for $50. It says after cleansing to pat the cream under the eye to brow in a "C" and blend. I actually do not have an eye cream right now so I will be putting this to good use! Technically, I know that eye creams and face creams are not all that different - you can just use a good face cream around your eye area, but it is nice when I can try a specialized product like this at such a little cost.

Spa Ritual polish
And lastly, a Spa Ritual polish in Airhead - a sheer baby pink. Lovely! This is such a beautiful colour and I've wanted to try Spa Ritual for awhile now. This is a full size polish which is retailing for about $10 (though I've seen Spa Ritual go for a bit more in some stores).

Yay! What a fun beauty bag! If you count the tote bag, the value of all of these products add up to just about $300 - such a good deal for the $39.95 I paid. I hope Just Fab does this again!

And, because I had a teaser in the title of this post, here's a pair of shoes I got from Just Fab as well...

Aaah! How cute are these? I'm loving the red shoes right now :)


  1. I've never heard of just fab - but that looks like an amazing deal, and a whole bunch of great products! I've never heard of most of those brands, but they all look fantastic!

    1. Yeah, when I saw this beauty bag and realized the value, I jumped on getting it - especially because the 3lab cleanser basically pays for the bag, and then it's like all these other products are free!

  2. wow what a great goody bag! I've never heard of just fab either- how did you come across it?

    1. I've been a shoedazzle member for years, and I wanted to join justfab as well, but they didn't ship to Canada, until recently. When I found out they were shipping, I was so excited - they have amazing shoes, bags and jewellery and sometimes have deals like this too!

  3. Aaah! I was so close to picking one of these guys up for myself, but I was like,"No Jayne, bad Jayne!" I've always wanted to try the 3Lab stuff. Let us know how you like it!

    1. Just as soon as I finish one of my cleansers I will open this baby up - I'm almost done with the Pur-lisse sample from BB5 and hopefully this is a similar kind of gentle cleanser.

  4. Could I still order this bag?! What an amazing deal I want in :)


    1. Eeek - I just checked and it looks like it's sold out - I will keep an eye out for any other beauty deals they run!


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