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Monday, June 11, 2012

Beauty Box 5 - May edition

I am looking forward to catching up with everyone's blog posts - I was away in fabulous Las Vegas, and had a great time, but now it's back to reality. That's okay, I do get to come back to reviewing and talking about all kinds of beauty products, so let's get to it!

My May Beauty Box 5 came just before my trip so I had a chance to open the box and peek at the products.

Opening the box
 Looking good! Let's go through each of the products...

Tree Hut Body Butter in Hawaiian Kukui
The butter
The one that first stood out upon opening the box is Tree Hut's Shea Body Butter in Hawaiian Kukui. It is organic Shea Butter and really thick and rich, with a tropical, coconuty smell. I've used it on my dry knees and it moisturises really well (and lasts!) I received a pretty good sample size (2 oz) in a nice jar and the full size is really reasonably priced ($7.49 for 7 oz). Happy so far...

Evie Evan mini Purity masque
The masque
Sorry this photo is a bit blurry. It was really difficult to get a good picture of this sample, I think because the jar is frosted glass. (I was able to adjust the lighting today and it came out much more clear - yay!). Anyway, this is an Evie Evan masque that is supposed to purify and lift impurities from your skin. It says to leave on for about 10 min and rinse with warm water. It smells really soothing as well, like lavender. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but swatched it on my hand and it tingles and cools; now I'm looking forward to relaxing one evening and putting this masque on.

It doesn't say how big this sample is but I'm guessing the jar is about 1 oz or so and the full size is 2 oz and retails for $36.00. Good size!

Beauty Flash Lifting Effect by Comodynes
The vial

Next is Comodynes Beauty Flash Lifting Effect. On the website it says, "Instant beauty spray with lifting effect with firming and toning plant extracts. Shock treatment for improving tone and smoothing features in record time. Ideal for use in case of jet-lag, lack of sleep, and before make-up. It clears signs of tiredness and provides smooth and bright skin within 1 minute. Make-up stays perfect for up to 8 hours."

I wish I had brought this spray to Vegas! It would have come in handy those long days and late nights. Nevertheless, there are always times that I'm quite tired from school and need to go out later on. This will be fun to try, though I'm not sure if I'd get the full size (I'd really have to notice a difference). This sample has 2 applications in it, the full size has over 25 applications and costs $19.99.

Merlot Night Cream 
I am really intrigued to try this next product - Merlot Moonlight Radiance Natural Grape Seed Skin Care Night Cream. They sent 3 sample packets to try, and the website says that you don't necessarily have to use this cream strictly at night. There has been some hype around this as the company uses antioxidants found in grape seeds in all of their products. I am glad BB5 sent more than one packet, so I can see if I really do like it. And if so, although the full size version of their cream is $19.00 for 4 oz, they are having a month-long sale where all of their products are 50%.

It's a 10 hair mask and styling serum
Last I received two samples from It's a 10 - their miracle hair masque and styling serum. I have wanted to try It's a 10 ever since I saw their advert in an issue of Cosmo. It's also nice to get hair products that are not shampoo or conditioner related. The hair mask you leave in a 2-3 minutes over shampooed hair, then rinse. The styling serum also helps to repair dry and damaged hair and defrizzes. I'll see how this stacks up to my CHI! It's a 10 has that name because each product claims to do 10 different things (e.g. adds shine, controls frizz, soften, smoothes, detangles, etc). Even though these are packet samples there is enough for many uses - the hair mask is 13 ml and the serum is 7 ml. The full size hair mask is 8 oz and costs $22.96 and the full size serum is 4 oz and costs $24.96.

So overall I'm happy with this month's BB5. All of these brands are new to me (except Comodynes) and a range of items were included. Even though BB5 tends to send smaller samples, I'm finding that I like them very much, off the top of my head from previous boxes, the Rosebud Salve is amazing for chapped lips - I actually bought another one; the Priti NYC soy nail polish remover wipes are excellent at removing polish and mosturizing nails and cuticles, and the wipe format is very convenient; and the Supergoop Sunscreen Swipe I just love, as it's not thick or goopy cream but gave me great sun protection at the pool in Vegas and lasted a long time (and the wipe again was really convenient). So I'm probably going to stay with BB5 for awhile unless the quality of their products drops drastically.

What did you get in your BB5? What do you think of these products?

If you'd like to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up for Beauty Box 5 here (referral link) or here (non-referral link). Cost is $12/month, they also have quarterly and yearly plans. They ship to U.S. and Canada.


  1. I've always wanted to try It's a 10.. the leave in conditioner... everyone seems to like that one!


    1. Yeah, it was weird, one day I was looking at the ad in Cosmo and the next day the samples arrived in my box. Pretty cool!

  2. That Merlot cream looks really neat!! Although I love all things wine as it is, the last thing I need is wine beauty products haha

    1. I actually cracked open one of the packets and have been using it the last couple of days - I absolutely love it, it has a very light, pleasant scent, moisturises well and isn't too heavy or greasy. That grape seed stuff is really neat! Maybe I should start drinking more merlot as well ;)

  3. Great box!! This company doesn't get a ton of attention on blog's so I never knew if it was worth it or not! But you received some awesome generous sized samples!!

    1. This box has gotten a lot of flack, but I personally like it. You never know what the future will bring, but so far I'm pleased.


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