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Friday, June 22, 2012

Inspire Cosmetics - review and 5 minute makeover

I am quite excited to tell you all about a cosmetics line I found out about Divas in the City 3. Inspire Cosmetics is a line of products that celebrates women's natural beauty and makes applying makeup quick, easy and fun. Founder Wendy Crystal is a Ford model and developed Inspire to give women a selection of makeup that is simple to work with, has great staying power, and enhances your features. They have a range of products, from corrector sticks and powders, to bold eyeshadows and creamy lipsticks. 

A sample of their makeup (from their site).
When I was at Divas in the City, they were challenging people to take their 5 minute makeover, over their existing makeup. The challenge was to see if women would look even better with just a few Inspire products. I was up for it!

My 5 minute makeover (Wendy Crystal, founder of Inspire is applying makeup)
End result! (Me with DivaGirl founder Laura Furtado). (Photo from M Photography Studio)

I liked the results, (especially how I had a softer overall face with brighter features) but wanted to see how a few key products could work from scratch (that is, without any other makeup applied). So I did my own 5 minute makeover at home!

Inspire Cosmetics Guide

Inspire Cosmetics has a little guide to creating a look with their product line. At Divas in the City 3, Wendy put all the products outlined in the steps on me (corrector stix, powder, blush, mascara, shadow, white out liner and lipstick). I purchased the corrector stix, mascara, white out liner and lipstick, as I liked the products but had a limited budget.

Corrector Stix
Shade: Cream
Inspire Cosmetics prides themselves on being a foundation-free line. This is keeping in line with their philosophy of only enhancing a woman's natural beauty. Thus the mainstay of their cosmetics is the corrector stix. Retailing for $24.50, it has spf 18 and shea butter, and goes on creamy to brighten your face, reduce redness and cover dark circles.

White out liner
This white liner retails for $15.00 and is named 'white out' (cute). Rim this on the inside of the lower lash line for brighter eyes.

Luscious Volumes mascara in black
Their mascara (Luscious Volumes) retails for $21.00 and comes in a sleek black tube. What I love about this mascara is it not only gives lashes length and volume, but you can run a finger over the lash and it stays soft - not glued in place or flaky.

Lipstick in "Flip Flop"
Swatch on hand
Inspire's lipsticks are buttery soft and sheer, and almost wear like a gloss. I love the colour it gives. They retail for $20.00

Those are the products I bought, now here's my 5 minute makeover...

me sans makeup 
Freshly cleaned and not a stitch of makeup on (not even my moisturiser) :)


All I did was use the corrector stix to even out my skin tone, rim my eyes with the white out pencil, apply the 
mascara and swipe on the lipstick. Done! Ready to go out and face the day. I will most likely get additional products from Inspire in the future (I'm particularly interested in testing their tinted moisturiser, and getting my own blush and highlighting shadow).


  1. You look beautiful with or without makeup but I am definitely intrigued by this makeup line it looks beautiful..that lipstick colour is fantastic!

    1. Thanks! I was a bit nervous posting the pictures but figured, "meh, what the heck!" It is very difficult to get the lighting right to try and capture the look! I love the lipstick, it is very creamy and completes the look instantly.

  2. Hey!
    Just found you through Mimika's Blog Hop.

    I'm loving your blog so far, now following.
    Hope you can check out my blog, maybe follow back?

    Laura xx

  3. Thanks so much for your nice words! I'll be checking out your blog!

  4. Oh you look fantastic without makeup, I wouldn't worry! The fact that you can just put your whole look together like that so quickly really has me wanting to check out this makeup line!

    1. Yeah, I was surprised how put-together I look with only the four products - I usually use many more than that! Now I have an easy, 5 minute look.

  5. WOW WOW WOOOOOOW!!!! Seriously..WOW! :) I love how even your skin tone is..I love simple beauty!

    1. Awww, thanks so much! Next up, I want to try Inspire's tinted moisturiser for sure!


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