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Friday, June 1, 2012

May Loose Button Luxe Box

My May Luxe Box from Loose Button arrived a few days ago; I almost forgot it was coming, since I got one at the Summer Trends event they held a just awhile ago. But I dove into the package as soon as it arrived, and was pleasantly surprised!

The shipping container
As many of you have heard, Luxe Box shipped out 2 boxes this month; one regular box and one special box for our mums!

Black box - my monthly Luxe Box; White Box - for mothers!
Gillette Venus + Olay razor; Olay Regenerist Cream 
My mum will be getting the Gillette Venus Razor with Olay Moisture Bars and a sample of Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex. A nice little gift for her.

May Box
Now let's see what's in my box...

The goods
One by one...

Fekkai Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisture Mask
I was actually really enthused to get these Fekkai samples. I've seen other bloggers get them in past boxes, and I really wanted to try this brand, but no luck until now. I keep passing by displays of Fekkai in stores, but wouldn't buy it without trying it beforehand, as these are quite expensive. The full size shampoo and conditioner is $30 for 236 ml and the full size moisture mask is $45 for 198 g. I've got two 9 ml samples each of shampoo and conditioner and two 8.6. gram samples of the mask, so that should be enough for several uses. Though I would have preferred it in small bottles or jars, there is still quite a bit of product in these packs.

(Just as an aside, lately when I am discussing shampoo or conditioners, I keep thinking of that Billy Madison clip...you know the one :)

Anyway, back to the box!

Paco Rabanne Black XS for him and her

The fragrance vials
This is pretty nifty packaging for those sample fragrance sprays. Next, I received a sample of Paco Rabanne Black XS for him and Black XS L'Exces for her. Both samples are 1.2 ml; the full size men's fragrance is $56, the full size for women is $74 (why the jump in price)? Anyway. I gave the men's sample to my husband who smelled it and said it was 'okay'. Alright, then, nothing super special. But I put on the one for women and...oh boy - loved it! The card says it has notes of neroli, pepper, jasmine, rose, night blooming cereus (something from Game of Thrones, perhaps? ;) and vanilla and cashmere wood chouli. Whatever that all is. I  love the way it smells on me. Perhaps this will be at the duty free? I can only hope.

Olay Regenerist Cream
Wait...didn't I just see this? I guess they gave me one as well...but I am going to give both to my mother. She uses Olay creams, it's one of the only face cream brands she trusts. Each sample is 7ml and a full size tube is 15 ml ($60). By combining the two, my mother is almost getting a full-size product!

Cargo High Definition Lip Gloss

The last item I got is Cargo's blu ray High Definition lip gloss with Timestrip technology.

The gloss 
As you can see in the lid, there is a little timecard, and after nine months, the entire window will turn red, meaning it's time to buy a new gloss. I've never seen anything like this, very neat!

Swatch on my hand
Swatch on my lips
I got a full size tube of this gloss (which is giant - 4,75 grams) and retails for $25. The colour I received is "Halifax" (what a neat name!) I absolutely adore this gloss - it is not sticky at all, plumps my lips and has a lovely minty scent that also tingles on my lips. This colour is very sheer which makes it excellent for wearing over lipstick. I think I will use this up before the nine months are over!

Panty by Post coupon
Procter and Gamble postcard

In this box there were also two inserts besides the product card, P&G inserted a postcard that's about thanking mothers across Canada (and goes with the mom's bonus box). Panty by Post also included a coupon for $20 off any subscription. If you chose this as your first in line product last month, and wanted to subscribe, a coupon is always appreciated.

That's my May box. I really liked it, as all the products will get used (fairly quickly I might add) and my mother also got some nice loot!

If you want to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up for Luxe Box here. There is currently a waitlist. Cost is $12/month (they also have quarterly or annual plans). 


  1. Hahahaha I love that billy madison clip! Too funny!!!

    1. I know - I find that I relate many things in life to that movie!

  2. I like the Cargo lipgloss on you! I received a Cargo lipgloss in my first Topbox in November and I think my timestrip is almost at the full bar, but I'm just going to ignore it ;-)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I've been wearing it daily since I got it, and I just love it. What colour did you get in Topbox?

  3. Great box.. I felt weird getting mine after receiving one from the event! I hope I get that cargo lipgloss one time I love the concept!

    1. Yeah, it was funny receiving two this month, but I got great glosses in both, so really really happy with it!


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