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Monday, June 4, 2012

Sweet Delight Divalicious Box - Summer Edition

I was happy with my last Sweet Delight Divalicious box (see post here) so I decided to go for the summer edition when it went on sale last week. Talk about quick shipping! I ordered it May 29 and got the delivery notification June 1! $26 (shipping included) is the cost for these boxes and they ship to U.S. and Canada. 10-15 samples are guaranteed inside each box.

The boxes sold out this time in just over 2 hours, and I can see why. I am absolutely THRILLED with my box. Let's take a peek!

Upon opening the box
The goodies (packaged all pretty)!

I'll go through all the items (and for more info on specific vendors and products you can go here). (Just click on pictures to enlarge).

Bath products
The first section of products all relate to bath and body. Starting on the far left (clockwise from top) we have Willow Tree Bath Collection - a cute little bathing pack that includes a tealight, mineral bath and glycerine soap. I actually got one of these packs (in a different scent) in my last Divalicious box and loved it - it is relaxation in a cello bag :) Next to that is Sugarfoot and Co Honey Almond Body Wash (smells soft and delish!) Then a sample of Mainely Cole's Coconut Lime Verbena body butter (smells fresh and great for summer). Next is a cute pack of Strawberry and Champagne Bubble Bath Powder from ReNewell. Then two full sized soaps from Alegna Soap (I am currently using one in the bath, it is really moisturzing and fresh). Then a tube of Lavender Bath Salts from Tubtown Scents. Just on top of that is a little bar of Lavender Lime soap from Watershed Naturals that smells absolutely amazing! (I love that scent combo). And finally a lemon-almond sample of soap from The Lemon Cat (this also smells incredible - like fresh squeezed lemons).

Other neat products (defies categorization) :)
The second section has several products which can't really be categorized but are all totally neat! Clockwise from the top are these sweet heart-shaped "made with love" earrings from TLC Creations. In the middle I got a Smens - Gourmet Scented Pen that is made of 100% recycled newspapers. The scent is ninja berry, and it is pretty groovy! Then, from Willow Tree Collection, a spray bottle of their all-natural coconut lime body mist that you can use as a replacement to OFF (it keeps bugs away!) I will definitely get use out of this at the cottage or camping. Below that, a tealight candle from Me and the Boy in Rainforest scent. At the bottom is the thank you card for purchasing from Sweet Delight, and beside that is an absolutely adorable handmade jewellery item (that could be hung on a chain) from The Curious Cupcake (it looks like little peas in a pod!)

Close up of earring from TLC Creations and charm from The Curious Cupcake

Prettying-up products
The last section has products related to pampering your body, face and nails. Starting from the top left and working clockwise; the first two products are from Abibirem Beauty and include a sample of 100% shea butter (piped into a little container - how cute!) and a shea butter, beeswax and peppermint lip balm. I looked into this company and it's quite cool as the products are handmade by women in Ghana and some of the profits goes directly towards community development in Africa. Beside that is a sample of Sweet Orange and Vanilla Body butter from Amedaya Natural Bodycare. Then, a bottle of Coconut Lemongrass body lotion from Ola Tropical Organics (I got a bottle of this in my last Divalicious box in a different scent and loved it!) This scent is so fresh and lovely. Below that is a full-size mineral blush from Paperdoll Cosmetics (this retails at $21 -  good deal!). To the left of that is a neat nail polish from Del Sol - it changes colour in the sunlight! The colour I received is Calypso. Above that is Lip Zipz Spf 15 lip balm in Citrus, which is a fresh, clean fruity scent. It comes on a little pull-cord so you can attach it to your jacket, purse, etc. Beside that is a Lip Glam lip gloss sample from Giella. And last but not least, a tri-colour lip balm from Gettin' Lippy (my flavours are Yellow Bubble Gum, Purple Wild Berry, Green Asian Pear).

Overall I am so impressed by this box. I literally love every item and am pleased with all of the scents of the products as well. I literally received 25 samples, which is such a good value for only $26. It is so cool that they included many large-sized products, and even blush and nail polish. And since I'm a lip balm and soap junkie, I'm in heaven here! Many of the companies also included discount codes if you would like to purchase from them, which is a huge plus.

The next Sweet Delight Divalicious Box comes out in the Fall (Sept/Oct) so be sure to sign up for their facebook page to be notified of the next on-sale date!

Did you get a Sweet Delight summer box? What did you think of it?


  1. OMG!!! Mine must be coming soon then! I really wanted the Del Sol polish and the Gettin Lippy lip balm!!

    1. I know - what a fantastic box! I hope you get the polish and lip balm as well - will look forward to seeing your review!

  2. Wow soo many products!!! Great deal for the price.. loving those earings :)


    1. Yeah this was a really amazing box! I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing when I was opening everything up!

  3. oh my goooooooodness! so many cool items! a scented pen called ninja berry made from newspapers!? ah-mazing!
    i am so jealous of the bug-repelling body mist, the mineral blush and the Del Sol nail polish! especially the Del Sol polish so please do a swatch! :)

    1. I am excited to try out the Del Sol as well! That pen is super-neat and I really want to try the bug repellent up at the cottage, as I'm always concerned when spraying OFF (it has A LOT of harsh chemicals).


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