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Friday, July 27, 2012

IT Cosmetics haul

The Shopping Channel is having a beauty extravaganza for the whole month of July, and boy, is it tempting. First I got that AH-MA-ZING beauty tote bag (see Plumpish Beauty for a great review of each product in the bag). Then I used my savings card from the bag to get the IT Cosmetics showstopper (and added on their Hello Lashes! mascara 2-pack). The 5-piece kit at the showstopper price was $59.57; the mascara duo was $29, add on tax ($12.69)and shipping ($8.98) and minus the savings card ($29.87) my final price was $80.37. Not bad. Let's go check out the loot!

Bronzer, blusher and highlighter compact
Opened up
This is a GIANT compact - the top left is a lovely, soft, shimmy-shimmy highlighter; the bottom left is a wonderful pink blush and the right half is a beautiful bronzer. I love it! These colours go on sheer but gives the face a healthy flush. The compact is called "Live, Love, Laugh Vitality Face Disc" - waterproof anti-aging matte bronzer, brightening blush tint and radiance illuminator. It has hydrolyzed collagen, peptides "drops of light" technology (not sure what that is), vitamins A, C, E, grapeseed, green tea, silk and aloe. Oooh. Fancy. ;) It retails on it's own for $39.00

Next is Bye-Bye Undereye concealer - one of their best-selling products.

The concealer 
This is a waterproof concealer enhanced with vitamins C & K. It is also a GIANT 30 ml tube (will last for a year I bet). You only need a bit and the coverage is really good and lasts all day.

Swatch on hand (I put a bit too much on!) 
You can see a little goes a loooong way - you just need a tiny scrap (and I put too much on my hand :)

My right eye (your left) has the concealer
My right eye (remember, it's the left eye when looking at this pic :) has the Bye-Bye Undereye concealer on. Pretty good! The concealer alone retails for $29.00

Next up is the Vitality lip flush lipstick.

Nice sleek tube
The lipstick

It's actually colourless, but after 30 seconds when you put it on, it gives you a customized pink shade.

Light swatch on hand
This is a fab lipstick, because you can just apply lightly for a tint or apply with a heavier hand for a darker pop of colour.

Swatch on lips
I went over my lips a few times to get a brighter colour. It is incredibly soft and moisturizing, as it contains plum and cherry oil, shea butter, argan and jojoba, vitamins a, c, e, green and white tea and aloe (my favourite). This retails on it's own for around $20.00.

And now for the wonderful brushes (one of the main reasons I got this kit actually!)

Jumbo Heavenly Luxe Brush
Dual Airbrush Complexion Brush
These brushes are so soft and they apply makeup like a dream. I am especially enthusiastic about the jumbo brush - it's HUGE and so soft and excellent for powder and bronzer. I wanted to buy the kit just for this brush :) The jumbo brush on it's own retails for $58.00 and the dual-ended brush retails for $48.00. Since the showstopper as a whole was $59.57, it was like I just bought the jumbo brush and got all the other amazing products for free (that's what I'm telling myself!)

Now for the add-on - the Hello Lashes! mascara duo.

Nice - no parabens or animal testing :) Thumbs up!
The tube (sleek and love the soft handle)
The wand
What is super cool about this mascara (besides the lengthening formula) is the wand. There is a little ball on the tip, so you can use it vertically as well as horizontally and catch every last lash.

My right eye (your left :) with the mascara
Same thing, right eye (your left) with Hello Lashes!
Both eyes now with the mascara (loving the length!) 
Both eyes with mascara (awesome!)
It is now a close race between this mascara and my mascara from Inspire Cosmetics as my favourite. Both thicken and lengthen really nicely, but I think I like this brush a bit better, as it separates and defines the lashes, and the little ball on the end is a huge help getting the lashes in the inner and outer corners. Two full size tubes were $29.00.

Overall, I am impressed by this haul and by IT Cosmetics. I'll definitely check out some of their products in the future...I'm especially interested in their Bye-Bye Pores loose setting powder. You can find IT Cosmetics through The Shopping Channel or ebeauty.ca (QVC for my American friends!). Ebeauty also has an amazing summer sampler bag for $30 which comes with a variety of neat beauty products, including an IT Cosmetics Bye-Bye Pores airbrushed bronzer.

Have you tried out IT Cosmetics? What do you think of the line?


  1. The concealer looks really great! I have yet to use my gift card from TSC...that's awesome that you can use it with showstopper items!

    1. I'm not sure if you have to use the savings card with items just from the beauty bag, or if it can be anything. IT cosmetics was in the bag, so I guess it worked with any IT product. It does have an expiry though - September? Check your card so you get a chance to use it before then!

  2. I haven't tried IT cosmetics before but I am definitely interested after seeing your haul. Is the Shopping Channel the only place to buy it?

    1. So far I've just seen them on ebeauty and the Shopping Channel. If anyone else knows stores that carry it, post here!

  3. Ok..seriously, I'm loving it all!!! Why oh WHY did I not get this showstopper! This reminds me I better use my GC from the cosmetic bag; that one was for 19.97. Thanks for the linkback to my blog! xo

    1. Yeah, don't forget to use that up! I think it expires in September? Maybe they will do another showstopper before that. *Cross fingers*


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