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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Julep Maven Bombshell Intro Box

My intro Julep Maven Bombshell Box arrived! If you sign up for Julep Maven, you can get this box or a similar one for a penny - promo code MAVENINTRO (or enter my giveaway for your chance to win one). 

Opening up the box
Ooh, wrapped up all pretty
The goods!
The Bombshell intro box came with Natasha (a vibrant cream orange) and Oscar (shimmy shimmy gold glitter); The Best Pedi Creme Ever! and toe separators (always nice to have on hand). 

I was glad to get the pedi prep; it's a really nice foot cream and I already have a tube that I've been using for several months, so this is perfect for when I run out (to see my earlier review on the Pedi Prep, go here). 

Now onto the polishes...

Natasha (top); Oscar (bottom)

My nail design
Different light and background
Another view
One more!
So what I was imagining when doing this mani was a hot summer day (Natasha) and an ice cream cone just melting all over my fingertips (Oscar). I guess it is a gold & sparkly cone that was just too close to the sun! There's been a heat wave here so everything seems to be melting, including my mani :)

The formulas of both Natasha and Oscar were both really smooth and very easy to work with. They dried quickly too. 

Overall I'm super happy with this box and might veer from my IT girl profile to order some Bombshell boxes in the future!

Remember to enter my Julep Maven giveaway to win one of these boxes for yourself, or if you can't wait, I'd love it if you used my referral link to sign up for Julep. (Code MAVENINTRO so your first box is a penny). To learn more about the program as a whole, just see my giveaway page.


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