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Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Glymm bag

My July Glymm bag arrived a few days ago, and I have to say, I am happier than I was last month. So that's good. Still, though, I can't shake the feeling that something is missing with Glymm. There's the fun bag, and assortment of products, but something feels as though it is lacking a bit. Can't quite put my finger on it.

The bag - nice summer orange
Social Butterfly hair perfume
This is probably the neatest thing in the box, a spray vial of hair perfume from Mane Tease. This is an 8 ml sample - the full size is 50 ml for $34. It is an interesting concept, and it actually smells really good (like vanilla musk), so I will probably use this. However, I don't have the best experience with hair perfume - I remember back in the 90's there was this hair perfume thing sold at drugstores that claimed it would take the smell of smoke out of your hair (so you could be a smoker and not smell like it). Ugh. I don't think this is what Mane Tease imagined when developing this product, but nonetheless it was the first thing I thought about when I saw it!

Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe conditioner 
This is a 50 ml sample, which is good. The full size is $25 for 150 ml. It's a good product to toss in my gym bag. However, I already have one of these from a past Luxe box, so I wasn't super excited when I saw it. Nevertheless, a good product.

Dirt salt scrub
Now this is fun and smells AH-MAZ-ING! It is a little 15 ml jar of salt scrub from Dirt that contains all natural ingredients - salt, baking soda, shea butter, grapeseed, jojoba and avocado oils, vitamin e and cucumber pear fig fragrance. That's it! I love body scrubs; currently I use LaLicious sugar scrub and now I get to try a salt scrub. It is a little bit pricey for the full size - 12 oz for $45 but if I like it, I do have a whack of Glymm points I have to use on something. Gotta love those points!

Cyberderm creams
The vials (cute!)
Cyberderm sent in two fun little plunger vials of their creams - H20 Hydration and PM Anti-Age. I think it's a neat way to package the samples, but I sure was confused as to what the product actually was until I went online in my desperate search for the Glymm online product card (found it! Just bring back the paper version!) The box says it's "the sunscreen company" and "try our sun whips" so I immediately thought this was sunscreen. Only after reading the online card did I figure it out, so I just wish the box was labelled better.

Nail Polish Discount
Lastly, Glymm included this little card to get 25% off nail polish purchases at glymm.com. They have brands RGB and Butter London, so that's a nice discount. I don't think I'm going to use it though because I've gone overboard with Julep and am pretty happy with them right now.

So I think I figured out what Glymm is 'missing' (besides the product card!) I think it's the presentation - "wow" factor. Before they had a cute little pink box, with a ribbon, and unwrapping it felt like a present. Now, it's just a bag in some tissue paper and the items in the bag, albeit quite interesting and nice, have sort of a random feel about them (like I was searching in a makeup drawer and found this bag). Because of the lack of any product card, some of the items and their usage are slightly confusing. BB5 has even gone the way of the product card. Sample boxes are not just about the products (well, ok, it's mostly about the products :) ) but it's also about the way it's pulled together and presented and I think that Glymm could step up their presentation a bit. Just my two cents.

If you want to join me on my beauty box journey you can sign up for Glymm here (referral link) or here (non-referral link). $12/month includes shipping.


  1. i wish they'd bring back the product card!! i was confused as to go about using a number of these products before looking it up online.
    the Cyberderm packaging is interesting but needles scare me! haha and the dirt scrub sounds really good! i got the mereadesso body balm instead though.
    my glymm bag post is going to be up in like.. an hr! almost done trying everything :)

    1. as to **how to** go about... hehe forgot some words there!

    2. Yeah, the product card I find ties it all together - and the Cyberderm creams just kind of baffled me before I read about it online. Will check out your post!

  2. You aren't excited about the Joico? I think its my in my top 5 finds from subscription boxes! A little goes a long way. I use it just once a week as a 5min deep treatment. And my hair is thicker, softer, and just all around healthier! It rocks!

    1. I do think it's actually a good product, I just meant that since I already got a sample of this it wasn't as exciting to see as the first time. Right now I am using Wella's deep conditioning and I like that, but this week I'll try out the Joico again :)

  3. I think this was a great box, but I agree with you on the presentation. I love glossybox for that.

    1. Glossy does have killer presentation, and I loved their boxes the best - they are so luxe and great for reuse.

  4. You know...I have that same, "something's missing" feeling with this "box" as well... it's funny you said that. But, because I seriously can't miss out on ANYTHING... I can't cancel. I need an intervention.

    1. You and me both, sista! ;)I felt bad when I cancelled Glossy and I probably will when I cancel Glymm but I'll just think about all the other nice boxes and beauty goodies I've got. Though if suddenly Glymm comes out with a kick-ass box, I'll be so jealous!


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