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Saturday, July 7, 2012

June Beauty Box 5 review

It's BB5 time! I was so looking forward to receiving this box as I always peek at other blogger/vloggers reviews of it (since it takes about 3 weeks to get to Canada). Like I thought, this was a really fun box, especially useful for summer.

Upon opening the box
Product Info card
BB5 now has a product info card that gives details and pricing on all the products in the box.

Girl Friday Blush
The first thing I saw in the box was Everyday Minerals -Girl Friday Blush (neat name!) It's a mineral-based blush that retails for $10.99 per 0.17 oz (the sample here is .06 oz).

Another view of the shade
Swatch on hand
It gives a lovely warm glow when applied to the skin. This is a really nice colour - one I'll probably get good use out of. Everyday Minerals also included a coupon for 15% off your order - use code box15 on their website (Expires Sept 10, 2012)

Lemon Ice eyeshadow
The All Natural Face sent in a full-size of one of their vegan eyeshadows in Lemon Ice. (0.07 oz - retails for $3.50).

Another view of the colour
Swatch on my hand
It turns out to be a lovely shade for highlighting - I am going to have a lot of fun with this as I love to use light, shimmy shades to highlight just about the crease and in the corner of my eye as well. Really like this product and it's at a very affordable price - they've also sent in a coupon code for 20% off your order until July 31st - enter code BEAUTY at their website. I think I might take advantage of this coupon. I also like how they are cruelty-free and enviro-friendly.

Facial Blotting Tissues
Another full-size product - blum naturals sent in a pack of their oil absorbing face tissues. (50 sheets retail for $2.99). These will be indispensable during a hot and sticky summer. I love affordable beauty.

Blinc liquid eyeliner
The tube
I was really excited to get this once I heard about it on the BB5 facebook page. Blinc's liquid eyeliner retails for $26.00 (0.21 oz) and I got a 0.02 oz sample. I rarely use liquid eyeliner, but I wanted to try this one because they said it won't run, and will slide off with just warm water and gentle pressure.

The liner
I love how it dries quickly, and when it came time to take it off - it worked just as they said it would, water alone wouldn't smudge it, but a bit of gentle pressure and water and BOOM - just slid right off. So cool!

Exfoliating towelettes 
Lastly, we have an exfoliating towelette ("Easy Peeling New Face Effect") from Comodynes. The full size comes in an 8 pack and retails for $12.99; there was one in this box. It is a cloth that you rub over dry skin and it exfoliates dead skin cells and deep cleans pores. It is actually quite big - 8 x 8 inches and you can use it for face and body, so I did just that, exfoliated head to toe and I felt super refreshed afterwards. It is also excellent for buffing before self-tanning and very convenient to take with you on summer vacation, or camping.

So overall, very happy with this box. There's lots of makeup to experiment and play with and like I mentioned before it is a perfect summer box (light summer cosmetic colours, smudge-proof eyeliner, oil blotting papers and refreshing towelette). Keep up the good work BB5!

If you'd like to join me on my beauty box journey, you can sign up for Beauty Box 5 here (referral link) or here (non-referral link). Cost is $12/month, there are also quarterly and yearly plans available.


  1. I like this box! Lots of variety :) enjoy your samples, glad they were able to turn things around this month.

    1. I'm very pleased and excited - can't wait for next month's box!

  2. I've heard only good things about those face-peel cloths :)

    1. I was surprised; was not expecting it to be so big and super-exfoliating.

  3. cool! this was the first time i saw someone get a different color eyeshadow. Lemon Ice looks really nice!

  4. I was hesitate about another beauty box but this one looks fantastic you got some amazing stuff in it.



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