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Monday, July 23, 2012

Merlot Skincare

Today I want to share with you a skincare line that has rapidly become one of my favourites - Merlot Skincare. I first found out about the brand through samples in my May BB5 box. There I received three packets of their Moonlight Radiance night cream. The first time I tried it, I was hooked. It has a lovely soft grape smell and feels so fresh on my skin, absorbs quickly and makes my skin so soft. I went over to the Merlot website and at the time they were having a 50% off sale on products, so I decided to place an order. I've been using all the products now for several weeks and am head over heels for this line.

The night cream

The night cream is rich and velvety, with that soft grape scent. Really nice. The whole premise of Merlot is it uses grape seeds in every formulation, as they are good antioxidants, hence the name, Merlot :)

Day Cream 
Oooh, nice colour!

The day cream is just as lovely as the night cream, same rich texture and goes on light, smooth and fresh. The day cream also comes with the added benefits of spf 15.

Body Lotion
Soft and smooth 
This body lotion is another winning product. It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy. Has that same nice scent too!

Shower Gel
I love the scent and it works up a great lather! Soft and creamy shower gel.

Grape Seed Oil
I also got a bottle of 100% grape seed oil. This is so moisturising to use on your legs after shaving, and it's also a good cuticle/massage oil.

Besides these products, I had two bonus items in my shipment, as I won a Father's Day contest Merlot ran on their facebook page.

Soap-free Cleanser
The cleanser
I am loving this cleanser as it is so creamy and rich, and does not dry out my skin - it just leaves it feeling soft and very clean.

Merlot lip balm
The balm
This is a great lip balm for summer; it has spf 15 and isn't too thick or sticky, just goes on smoothly. It is also unscented and a lovely purple in the tube (goes on clear).

Overall, I am really pleased with the Merlot line of products. Because I purchased during the 50% off sale, I did save significantly. The night cream was $9.50 (regular price $19.00). The day cream was $8.00 (regular price $16.00). The body lotion was $5.50 (regular price $11.00). The shower gel was $5.50 (regular price $11.00). The grapeseed oil was just $4.00 (regular price $8.00). And because I won the giveaway, the cleanser and lip balm were free (regular prices $11.00 and $3.00). Canadian shipping was $12.00 (they ship from Texas) so the total of my order was only $44.50! But even at regular price, the line is very affordable and the products feel wonderful. They also have different promotions at different times of the year (right now there is a buy one get one free on certain items) so check the website for deals. No animal testing on any of these products as well!


  1. I have never heard of this brand but it sounds really nice! You are the best blog for opening my eyes to new brands, I swear!

    1. It's fast becoming one of my favourite skincare lines! Thanks you so much; I love it when I find out about new brands and products but also ones that are really worthwhile.

  2. aghhhh i really regret not purchasing more night cream from then when they had the sale!
    thanks for reviewing all of these products. they all sound so amazing!

    1. I honestly can't believe how much I like that night cream, my face feels so fresh each time I put it on, and I got this giant tub so it'll last for awhile!

  3. Great review!!! It's what beauty boxes are all about right? Seriously mad at myself for not getting anything during the sale..I'll keep a look out..that's an awesome price you paid!

    1. Yes, and now that I've got lots of products that I like from beauty boxes, do I really need the boxes? (This is what my husband says) :) Point taken, but I so do love the monthly boxes as well!

  4. BB5 is how I found out about it too and like you, I was instantly hooked! Did some major stocking up during their sale as well. I can not speak highly enough about this line. It has definitely become my favorite skin care line!

    1. I literally used the night cream sample once and was like, "how can I get more of this, NOW!" :) This is where beauty boxes really shine - they help you uncover great companies and products.


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