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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sneak Peek: August Julep Maven boxes

Nowdays I'm always excited with the 20th of the month rolls around, because it's sneak peek time at the following month's Julep Maven boxes. Here are the selections for August...

American Beauty, comes with Dakota (rose-gold metallic), Stefani (gold-grey metallic) and polish remover
Boho Glam, comes with Isla (white metallic), Piper (teal metallic) and polish remover
Bonbshell, comes with Harley (silver metallic), Kim (gunmetal metallic) and polish remover
Classic with a Twist, comes with Alfre (purple metallic), Felicity (yellow-gold metallic), and polish remover
IT Girl, comes with Sienna (gold metallic), Melanie (indigo metallic) and Harley (silver metallic)
Again, it will be hard for me to choose this month! I'm loving the IT girl colours (as usual) but I'm also drawn to the mint-green of Piper and the rose gold of Dakota. Those gunmetal greys are fantastic too. And if I get the IT girl box, I'll miss out on the polish remover (with that awesome pump cap!) But this month, Julep has allowed you to add-on up to three items for $4.99 each.

Your add-on choices  (all photos from julep.com)
I think July was a great month for them to do the glitters (hot and sparkly!) and August is a good month for metallics and chromes - I always feel more mellow in August. They're getting the vacation vibes across through colour :)

Remember to enter my Julep giveaway, to win yourself a neat intro box. There's still time! Julep is also hosting their one-year anniversary tweet-up party today (@JulepMaven) from 12-2 PDT. Chats about polish, trivia and giveaways!

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What colours do you love from this month's preview? If you're a Maven, what box will you likely get? Any add-ons?

*Update* - just saw this image on Julep's facebook page - August boxes also come with a tote - how cute!


  1. I'm usually Classic with a Twist but I'm leaning towards Boho Glam because of the soft metallic shades.

    1. I agree! Isla and Piper will make for one sweet mani!

  2. I decided on american beauty, added on Sienna, Piper, and Alfre. How about you?

    1. It usually takes me a few days to decide for sure - but right now it's between American Beauty, Boho Glam and IT girl, and then I might add on once I got the box down. It's difficult to choose this month - just like last!


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