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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beauty and Bling Swap!

Yesterday I attended a beauty and jewellery swap downtown. The idea was pretty neat - bring in your unwanted beauty products and jewels and swap them for new finds!

There were some pros and cons to this event...

Pros: there were donations to a local charity, an opportunity to get your makeup done, gift bags after you were finished swapping, and of course, the chance to score some great, new-to-you products.

Cons: as soon as new items hit the table, people crowded around and grabbed them immediately. I'm the type of person to hang back, browse a lot and them make my decisions, so ultimately I ended up with a lot less then I came in with (but at least I purged my unwanted products and jewellery). Also, some of the beauty items were overly used (eww), or lower-end drugstore items. I brought mostly products from Julep, Lise Watier, Stila, Laura Mercier, etc. so it was kind of disappointing not to see more mid-range products (then again, perhaps they were immediately snapped up and I didn't get a chance to see them).

In any case I did find a few things that I'll share with you!

Beauty items:

Shimmer Lotion
A new giant bottle of shimmer lotion in a yummy vanilla scent.

Subtle shimmer is left after rubbing in the lotion

A giant new bottle of Garnier Fructis Mousse (I love Garnier hair products in general - have been using them for years).

A lovely new Clinique blush compact.

Nail Polish
The brand name isn't visible because it's black print on black polish, but it is called Shisem nail color. It definitely does not smell 3-free but surprisingly, besides in my nail art kit, I don't have a black polish in my collection so I thought I'd pick it up for that reason.

Bling items:

Fun earrings
I like the look of these swirly, dangly earrings.

Here's a lovely heart necklace that's got some nice weight to it.

So I was thrilled when I saw this ring. I have a similar ring and necklace in my collection - from a Montreal designer and I'm almost sure this is his work.

The set
See? It fits in perfectly with my larger ring and necklace. I love the geo designs of this jewellery set. This ring was a great find.

And that's all the items I found from the swap that I wanted. We also got a fun little goodie bag from the organizers of the event to take home; here's what was in it.

Body Spray
This body spray smells like jasmine and sandalwood - mmmm, lovely!

Looks familiar? A sample of Joico K-Pak (got the tube in two beauty boxes; but this also comes with a 25% off coupon for Trade Secrets).

Foot Butter
And last, a little sample of Pooka pure and simple Mint/Lavender foot butter (it smells really nice - calming and mint is great for feet).

So that's my swap experience. I'd do it again for sure; you never know what you get find!


  1. I'm confused as to how it worked- did you get tokens for what you brought in for the swap, and could then exchange them for items?

    Check out my LippyGirl Blusher giveaway!

    1. Sorry, I should have explained about the tickets - yeah, each beauty or jewellery item you brought in got you one ticket. You would then redeem one ticket per item - so if you brought in 5 beauty items and 5 jewellery items you could swap for a max of 5 beauty products and 5 pieces of jewellery. If you brought in only jewellery items you were not eligible to swap for any products on the beauty table and vice-versa. They capped it at a total of 30 swappable items.

  2. My thoughts exactly that I almost just wanted to post a link to your or reblog with some of my photos. Haha. Nice finds and great post. Here's mine http://makeupbymerry.com/2012/08/17/beauty-bling-swap/

    1. Great post! Yeah, it seemed like stuff just got snapped up so fast, it made my head spin! There should probably be a few more rules about type and condition of products for the next swap.

  3. What a cool idea.. to bad you didn't have a chance to browse more.. I'm like you I would have wanted to look around instead of rushing a table!

    1. Since I got there just when it began, I did have to rush and try to find items I liked; Next time I'm going to try and get there much earlier! It is a neat idea in general and the first swap like this that I've been to.


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