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Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspire Cosmetics Haul #2

A couple weeks ago, at another DivaGirl event (Divalicious 4), I met up with the wonderful ladies of Inspire Cosmetics. I was introduced to this line a couple months back, and the products I purchased at that time have quickly made it into my makeup staple case (corrector stix, white out, mascara, lipstick). It is easy to
put together a quick look with these products.

I knew I wanted to get more items from their line, so when I saw them at the DivaGirl event, I bought a few more things - tinted moisturizer, blush and I got another one of their creamy lipsticks as a bonus!

Tinted Moisturizer 
Inspire's Tinted Moisturizer is huge (30 ml) and has spf 15. I believe I paid $45 for this product. What I love about it is that I don't have to mosturize first, then bronze - this can be done all in one step.

Swatch on hand
I actually put a lot on my hand so it would show up in a picture; you can put on less to get a more subtle bronze glow. The formula is really easy to work with - just blend, blend, blend!

I picked up their blush in Tawny peach. It actually gives a soft wash of colour to my cheeks and is great to use with the tinted moisturizer or bronzer. The blush cost $18.

Nice colour!
And last we have another of Inspire's wonderful lipsticks...

Gorgeous shade!
The colour I got this time is Mercy. Lipsticks are priced at $20, but I got this as a bonus with my purchase.

Swatch on hand
Swatch on lips
It is a lovely subtle nude shade, and I love how it applies (very creamy and moisturizing).

I am super happy with my second Inspire Cosmetics purchase. If you are interested in their product line, they do various events around the GTA but if you are not in the Toronto area, or don't have the time to attend an event, you can also purchase all of their products on their website. I think for my next purchase, I've got my eye on their eyeshadows or powder compacts.


  1. Looks like there is some neat stuff! I love local companies!

  2. I too love buying local - and I've found several places I love: Inspire, DaLish, Pandora...it's always neat to see what's in your own backyard. :)


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