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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lip Labz lipbalm and gloss

I was at the C.N.E. this weekend (Canadian National Exhibition); it's definitely a tradition as I go every year not just for the rides, food and games, but also for the crazy good shopping! This year I happened upon a booth that was making customized lip balms and glosses, Lip Labz. (Oh, they know my makeup weakness ;)

Customizing my gloss and balm 
For the lip balm, you pick your tube and choose your flavour(s). They make it and pour it for you on the spot.

The balm

I chose the flavour "peppermint patty". It smells just like an After Eight mint! Mmmmm. It is a clear gloss and very creamy and hydrating.

All the flavour combinations!

For the gloss, you choose the colour and add a flavour to it.

The gloss
I chose the colour "Spring Tulip" - a lovely sheer pink and flavoured it with Cupcake! It applies with a brush applicator (just turn the end to deposit the gloss on the brush).

Swatch of the gloss on hand
Swatch on lips
I love these lip products! Both the balm and gloss are vegan, really moisturizing, and made with all-natural ingredients (like coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter). To see all of the colour and flavour combos you can make, go here for lip balms and here for lip glosses (there's literally billions of combinations). The balms cost $3.99 each and glosses $9.99 each - and they ship free worldwide! (There's even a webcam on their site so you can watch them make your balm or gloss live!) Lip Labz is running a special promo at the C.N.E - lipbalms $2 each and glosses $6.99, so if you are going in the next few weeks you may want to check them out. If you aren't already hooked on lip balms, you will be :)


  1. I did this too with my mom... it was kinda fun.

    1. Cool! - what flavours did you and your mother get?

  2. We both did butterscotch & almond.

  3. That sounds like so much fun!! I would be all over the webcam watching them make my lip gloss like a wide-eyed little kid!

    1. Oh yeah, it is oddly mesmerising to watch them make the lipbalm!

  4. mmm they fab!!
    Found your blog via Mimika's Beauty blog hop and followed xx

    1. Awesome - thanks! Checking out your blog as well...

  5. As a proud Canadian, I would have to try the maple flavour! Yum!


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