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Monday, August 20, 2012

September Julep Maven Box Preview

Julep confirmed today what many of us have suspected - Trina Turk has partnered with Julep this month to bring us colours that are inspired by her Modernist Maverick collection. Check out this clip for a look at her clothes  (I love the bright colours and chunky necklaces!)

Here are your options for September 2012:

American Beauty - Eileen (white cream); Hoch (emerald cream); Mascara (black).
Boho Glam - Gunta (royal blue cream); Popova (kelly green cream); Mascara (brown).
Bombshell - Annie (electric blue cream); Alma (dijon yellow cream); Mascara (black).
Classic with a Twist - Sophie (mushroom cream); Brandt (off-black cream); Mascara (black).
IT Girl - Otte (neutral cream); Delaunay (chili red cream); Alma (dijon yellow cream). 
With any box you can also purchase up to 3 additional add-on's (polish $4.99 each; mascara $9.99 each).

Add-on products
This month Julep also has a unique opportunity - if you love the whole collection (and have the available cash) you can get the whole September Trina Turk collection plus the two mascaras for an additional $30.

The whole kit and caboodle! (Can you resist?!)
So what do you think of this month's colours? The whole collaboration with Trina Turk? Are you getting a box this month? Which one? Any add-on's? What do you think of getting the whole nail wardrobe?

I am still undecided (like usual) I have an awful lot of polishes right now that I'm enjoying and using (and just picked up a lot of 8 really pretty Sally Hansen HD polishes - more about that in another post) so I'm not sure I will be getting a box this month. Having said that, I do love these brights, especially Hoch, Gunta, Annie and Sophie.  I think it's a great idea that Julep gave us the option this month to get the whole polish wardrobe if you just love the whole collection. I hope they do this again in future months.

If you haven't signed up for Julep, consider using my referral link. Intro box is only 1 penny (shipping included!) Use code MAVENINTRO or PENNY at checkout.


  1. Got them all because money burns holes in my pockets. : p

    1. lol! I will be so excited to see your post when you get your box - this is the first time Julep has done anything like this!

    2. I really hope they consider doing it every month!

  2. I still refuse to get sucked in... LOL!!!!!!!! I know if I joined the hubster would strangle me!
    I followed you from the blog hop! I hope you'll follow me back! :)

    1. Yeah I hear you, I came home with my Sally Hansen haul and he just looked at me and said "do you really need more polish"? Yikes! That's why although I do like several of these colours, I don't think I'll be getting a box this month. Checked out your blog!


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