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Thursday, September 6, 2012

August Beauty Box 5

As usual, I get my BB5 box at the beginning of the following month (they ship from Texas and us Canadians get it up to three weeks later). So, I always end up looking at unboxings, and even though I sort of knew what was coming, I was still pretty surprised and impressed!

Wow that's a lot of stuff!
The August BB5 box was packed to the brim!

Blum Naturals Make-up remover towelettes 
I received 3 blum naturals towelettes - I will see how these stack up to my favourite cleansing cloth - Kaia Naturals. I really like the blum blotting papers from a previous BB5 box so I'd definitely check out more from this line. Full size is a 10 pack for $3.99.

h20+ Marine Calm Restoring Eye Cream
These are smaller eye creams (4 ml each) from h20+ (a brand a really like) so they put two in the box. That was a really good idea and something that other boxes might consider doing if they have smaller samples (I'm looking at you, Glymm). I used the eye cream last night and it's quite nice - didn't really detect a scent which I like for eye creams; I guess we'll see in time if it diminishes those pesky dark circles. Full size is 0.5 oz for $32.

Ferro Cosmetics Sheer Crystal Veil 
BB5 had this as a spoiler on their facebook page, so I knew about this item from the start. I haven't used many mineral veils before and this is a pretty good trial use size. I also like how Ferro included a $5 off coupon if you want to purchase the full size of the product. Full size is 0.14 oz and retails for $19.

blinc eyeliner
Boy, someone sure heard me when I said I LOVE blinc! I got this same sample in a past BB5 box, but when it comes to blinc, no matter. I'm actually almost finished that previous sample and now I have another. SCORE! I even wore that liner to a wedding I was in over the summer and it held up all day and night, no smearing or running (and it was a scorching hot day). Taking it off is always a breeze. The full size is 0.95 oz for $26).

2 full-size Ellis Faas Creamy Milky Glazed Lips
Finally, BB5 sent not one but two full-size (0.95 oz) Ellis Faas creamy lip products (retail $35 each!) It would have been cool to get a two different colours but they are both in the same shade (L109).

Fuzzy applicator!
It has a fuzzy applicator tip and you just click the end several times until the product is deposited on the tip.

Swatch on hand (it actually is very creamy!)
Swatch on lips
So I don't know about this colour. I've never had a golden brown shade like this before - what do you think?  I know some other beauty bloggers have mixed the shade they got with other lipsticks to make a custom colour more to their liking. I might try that out - but also let me know what you think of the colour.

That's my August BB5 box. It was chock-full of goodies, one of their most-packed boxes yet! I always end up using items from the box, but I do think this box in particular was of good value. I've been going month-to-month with this box since March and am seriously considering doing the yearly sign-up, as that option saves $44/year (which is almost 4 free boxes), or even the quarterly sign up (which would save me $6 each quarter).

If you want to get on the Beauty Box 5 bandwagon, you can sign up here (my referral link) or here (non-referral link). Cost is $12/month, $30/quarter or $100 yearly.


  1. Ellis Faas seems to be working with a couple beauty boxes.. I wonder if we'll get them in Canada too? I think the colour would look nice on top of red or pink maybe!

    1. Yeah, I might try to mix it with a pink or red and see what shade I can come up with.

  2. Wow you got double samples! Jealous hehe I liked the under eye cream. The Ellis Faas lip glosses are nice but I got weird colors that I wouldn't wear :/ I ended up canceling after one month since their customer service wasn't friendly. I also to subscribe to 3 other beauty box services, that I don't need a 4th! haha

    1. The eye cream is quite nice! Yeah, I find that with so many sub boxes available you can afford to pick and choose and get the best boxes for you.

  3. Wow great box! I've heard such great things about Blinc - will have to try it out!

    1. They have a great concept (stay-put liner and mascara that easily comes off) and it works really well and doesn't flake or budge when you don't want it to. I also don't have to use eye makeup remover when I use blinc - it's very convenient!

  4. Double the samples, double the fun!

  5. I have been curious about this box, looks like you got some good samples!



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