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Monday, September 17, 2012

Glymm mini-haul: Naked Princess gloss and Butter London

I wanted to use up all my points before I cancelled my monthly Glymm subscription so I placed this order in their shop. 

Butter London in Dodgy Barnett and 2 Naked Princess glosses.
Naked Princess gloss in Barely Coco (top); Barely Blush (bottom).
First, the polish:

Polish and swatch
Dodgy Barnett (retails for $17) is from Butter London's Fall 2012 collection. When I saw swatches of it on ommorphia beauty bar I just had to have it - it's shimmery blue/grey/silver holo and completely gorgeous!

Now for the glosses:

Swatch of Barely Coco
Swatch of Barely Blush
Ever since getting that tiny, tiny sample of Naked Princess gloss in a past Glymm box, it has fast become one of my absolute favourite glosses. I love the chocolaty/caramel/vanilla scent and how it goes on and stays smooth and glossy, not tacky. Sheer glosses are tops with me, and Naked Princess only does sheer glosses with a hint of colour. I got the full size of the sample that was in my Glymm box, Barely Coco, and one with a bit of a pink sheen, Barely Blush (they retail for $26 each).

If you're a Glymm subscriber, make sure to complete those surveys each month and share your referral link to maximize your points! And if you're thinking about cancelling, get yourself a little something with all those hard-earned points before you do!

What do you think of Butter London's Fall 2012 collection? Naked Princess glosses?


  1. The nail polish looks gorgeous and I also loved the sample of the Naked Princess glosses. I will probably have to do a haul like this as well because I desperately want to cancel my Glymm membership.

    Amy <3

    1. The one thing I really liked about Glymm was the points - this way you can treat yourself to what you really want!

  2. OMG....you got what I got!!! I bought a naked princess gloss and two BLs with my remaining Glymm points!

    1. Great minds think alike! What colour gloss and polish did you get?

    2. I got Barely Nude and BL-Wallis and Shag.

  3. Loving that butterLondon polish and the glosses! Fantastic choices. I forgot about my points and went back to use them up and they had expired :( so sad!

    1. Oh man - that's sucks that they expired - they should definitely have no expiry date!


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