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Thursday, September 20, 2012

October Julep Maven box preview! *Update*

When I saw my Julep Maven preview email today, I was quite excited. Even though I was expecting a suede -chrome collection (previewed on the Julep summer tweet-up), when I saw these intense colours and crackle styles, I got a welcomed surprise instead!

American Beauty- Eloise (indigo blue cream); Sabrina (orange shimmer crackle); Quick Dry Polish drops
Boho Glam - Hermione (white cream crackle); Lisa (pebble grey cream); Quick Dry Polish drops
Bombshell - Ursula (black cream crackle); Keira (merlot cream); Quick Dry Polish drops
Classic with a Twist - Boris and Nicole (red-brown frost); Gwyneth (sheer clear pink); Quick Dry Polish drops
IT Girl - Glenda (silver crackle); Leslie (black/silver shimmer); Caroline (burgundy shimmer)
Ooh! I really like Eloise, Sabrina, Keira, Boris and Nicole, Leslie and Caroline. The polish drops sound neat too - I've been looking for a good quick dry topcoat. From looking at the comments of those that tried out the quick drops, I wonder how you get on the sneak peek list? For a look at swatches of these colours, check out Julep's Beauty Buzz.

The whole kit 'n caboodle. 
You can also get the whole collection - all eleven colours featured in the boxes and the quick dry drops for an additional $30 (on top of the monthly box fee of $19.99). They introduced this option last month and it looks like it was a hit!

Julep did something new this month with the add-ons, they included polish choices that aren't available in any of the style profiles. Kate, a white pearl colour that was launched in July boxes and Sofia - a new glow in the dark option! (The regular version of Sofia was around in March, I believe). You can add on up to three selections ($4.99 for polishes and $5.99 for the quick dry drops).

The October Maven box has some great colour choices! I love the crackle options and the product choice for this month and how they have a neat glow-in-the-dark shade as well (perfect for Halloween hijinks!) If you haven't signed up for Julep Maven and want to, consider using my referral link (first box is a penny, use code PENNY or MAVENINTRO at checkout).

What style profile are you? What shades have caught your attention? What do you think of the quick-dry drops? Would you get the whole collection? Any add-on's?

*Update* Julep just released another style profile pick for this month, if you don't like crackle nail polish:

Maven's Choice - Eloise, Lisa and Keira
This way you can try all these lovely fall creams (hold the crackle) ;)

*Another Update* Glow-in-the-dark Sofia just sold out as an add-on option. Popular month!


  1. normally I am classic with a twist - but I opted for bombshell this month! :)

    1. Gorgeous! Those colours will make a really striking fall mani :)

  2. I opted for American Beauty because I wanted those Drying Drops, but hated my own Classic with a Twist option. I thought that being able to buy everything for $30 was a CRAZY good deal if you didn't have a lot of those colours! What are you going for?

    1. I ended up deciding on American Beauty too! I love that blue and do not have any orange crackle - the swatch of the two together look amazing! It's only $30 if you get the month free (say from referrals) otherwise it's $30 on top of the $19.99. Still a good deal though! I also added on Boris and Nicole (that colour just reminds me so much of fall - my favourite season) and glow-in-the-dark Sophia (it will be my first glow in the dark polish and perfect for Halloween!)

  3. I caved when I saw the added Maven's Choice option.
    But added those drops.

    1. I am so curious about those drops! I'm also considering adding on one more polish, maybe Gwyneth :) It's really good of them to listen to feedback and then come up with another option for subscribers, all in the same day!

  4. Replies
    1. I know - I am sooo tempted too :)

    2. I did end up getting them all. I like the glitter you got better, though. Oh..and I totally missed out on Sofia. BOO.

    3. Wow! Looking forward to your post about this haul! If you are still looking for a glow-in-the-dark polish, check out Winners. I saw some there at this time of year.


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